Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cocoa Beach Christmas Part I

Hi everyone, I hope 2011 is better than 2010. I took a little Christmas vacation to Cocoa Beach, and we went in Gracie. Mr. Swedish Room surprised me with it a week or two before we went. It was a lot of packing, but I was still excited. All I could think was I finally get my dream of waking up on the beach at Christmas. I enjoyed my time at the beach and I bought back lots of pics, but I have to show them in parts. I really felt like I had my beach cottage that I always wanted. It was a short walk to the water, and I went there every chance I got. You don't have to believe me just see for yourself....
Waking up to palm trees, it was a little cool there. I still had my shorts on, so not too cool.
The pier, I just went there just to be closer to the sea. Maybe I could talk Mr. Swedish Room into getting a boat (Yeah and why don't I ask for a million dollars too).

My Christmas Ham. He does look cute, he enjoyed wearing them and everyone got a big laugh.
A rock shore, so peaceful and beautiful. Perfectly beachy!!!
There are more to come. Stay tuned....
See everyone soon, go give someone a hug.