Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girl With A Pearl Earring

Hi everyone. I just wanted to do a quickie post. I just saw one of my favorite movies, Girl With A Pearl Earring. I love this movie, the images in the movie are like the painting of Johannes Vermeer. The story line is believable, and Scarlett Johansson's acting was great. I can see this movie over and over again. Here are some images from the movie and the actual painting.
The painting and the movie still are very close to the same look.


Incredible movie, if you are more interested in this movie or Johannes Vermeer, I would recommend: Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier (I loved reading this book), and Vermeer The Complete Works by Agnese Antonini (great images and history of the artist). I hope you enjoy the movie and the reading as much as I do.
See everyone next time........

French Farmhouse Family Room

Hi everyone. I hope your week is going well. You can see I have been working a little more on my blog, there is more to come in the days ahead (don't forget to read the quote at the bottom of the page).
Ok lets get on to the fun stuff, room pics. This is my family room, I've been waiting to show this room until after I finished the crown molding. I finally decided to just do it, I'm changing this room for the spring/summer anyway, so more pics are coming and the crown molding will be up by then.
This room is very different than the other rooms in my home. I did this because everyone ends up here (where the TV is.......), while I like all white rooms my guests may feel uncomfortable (I know this, because I was told by a guest). This is what I call French Farmhouse Style (finally the big boys like Potterybarn and Restoration Hardware get it, go check it out), I have mixed my two favorites Maine Cottage and Ikea. The two chairs, table, and TV armoire are Maine Cottage, the bookcases are Ikea.
The sofa is Ikea, you can see my main computer.
This is a coffee table prototype that I was working on for a furniture line I was producing. I decided to put that on hold for now (I need to revamp my idea for my furniture line). This is a cool coffee table (took months to figure out how to make this work), as you can see it looks solid.
Surprise four stools pop out, perfect for families so the children can use the coffee table as a work table. I love it so much, too bad it didn't catch on. So it has a home here, and I'm glad it does.
This is the mantel, I found the clock in Austin, TX on a trip. The candlesticks in a junk shop, and the mirror was another junk shop. Some postcards in a floral frog and done.
My trademark bird nest in the chandelier...............
Great piece I found, I just love the look and I capped it off with a metal flower.
That's my French Farmhouse Family Room, I know its so different, that's what I like about it. Though this spring/summer it will be a little more white, so stay tuned......
See everyone next time.......

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Morning Coffee and New/Old Books

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I thought I would do a quiet post today. I decided to show everyone how I read posts on all my favorite blogs. I usually get up early (usually around 4 or 5, I know I'm crazy), come down and start my coffee. I like to grind my beans and take my time, I set up a tray. Then push down on my French press and go to my sitting room. I grab my netbook (I know it is white, that is how much I love white. It took a while to find it too), I put a throw on my favorite chair, light some candles, then drink and read. I love the idea of the world around me being quiet and peaceful. I really enjoy it.
This is my new find that I had to have. They are a set of five German books (I should get someone to read them to me), I saw the color and I had to have them. When I asked the dealer the price I crossed my fingers and he said $40.00 for the set. I said sold. Later when I researched the books, they are from 1912, so I think I got a deal. They look great and fit perfectly.

Well that is it for now, I'm hoping to get my crown molding up in my family room so I can take pics (Maybe I'll do a before and after). Waiting for spring, so I can change my family room slips. I love changing for the seasons.
See everyone next time........

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seaside Guest Room

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the small break in the weather. I was waiting to post this guest room, but we are all impatiently waiting for spring so I decided to do it today. I have what I call my Seaside Guest Room, it is the room that I can imagine being at the beach in. Of course I added lots of white, a dash of blue, and seashells then the mix was ready for that beachy style.
A large urn with large starfish I painted white (they were an orangy color before). I also painted the urn, but not very well I wanted it look a little rough and not solid white. The starfish came from Paris many years ago. I love them and the large size.
Next is the bed....
First I made the pillow from some left over fabric from a client project. The headboard is Maine Cottage, the nightstands and lamps are Ikea. I love that you can mix Ikea with anything and it goes well. The curtains again are wank off the bolt hang on blinds valance window treatments (I love simple and plain window treatments).
Here is the silver chair that I made in college. I loved it so much after the term it followed me home (hey its only stealing if it doesn't already belong to you). I made a seat slipcover for it and now a new home here. Next is the dresser.....
I planned for the dresser to be sold off, but after I was done I really loved it. I did take it in, two weeks went by, and all the other dressers I brought in sold, and it was the only one left. I took it as a sign and it came back home. An urn candle and some shells, it looks positively beachy.
Lastly I saw this great lithograph of a ship out flea marketing, again Ikea to the rescue with a frame. Just put it in and hang it up.I'm no where near the beach, but I love that style, as well as Swedish and French. I try to use shells in other rooms, but this is my beach room. I hope you enjoyed it.
See you next time........

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My 5 Simple Rules for Guest

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is good. I was with a friend recently and she wanted to thank me for the advice I gave her for guest she was having over for the holidays (She said this was the first time her guest asked in advanced to come back). So I thought it would make a good post. So here are my 5 Simple Rules for Guest......
Simple Rule #1
Make a list. I always make a list of guest special needs, what they like, and places they may want to see. I don't follow the list exactly, but more of a guideline (I find list to be helpful).
Simple Rule #2
I love to set out big fluffy white towels, packaged soap, and I always keep a supply of extra toiletries (I find these at Target, they have the small ones for just a $1.00). That way if a guest forgets something you have it on hand.
Simple Rule #3
I make the bed with matching or coordinating linens. In this pic the bed linens are white but the pillows have a little more character, but they all go together. I don't think about expensive bed linens, I usually buy Jersey Cotton Sheets in white (yes the $20.00 ones, I love the way they feel, sooo soft) and I mix in different pillowcases and shams.
Simple Rule #4
I like to have empty drawers, closets, and nightstands (except a notepad and pen). Guest feel like they have a place to put all their things (I don't know about you, I hate living out of a suitcase). At least one empty drawer and a bit of closet space would be good (I know you may not have the storage space or your guest my be in the kids room that is why some space is still good).
Simple Rule #5
The always welcoming touch, flowers. I usually put them on the dresser or nightstand. Since I live pretty much all white I try to add color with flowers. For the men I have a bowl of mints or candy (guys seem to like that more than flowers).
So those are my rules for when my guest come over, besides cleaning. When my guest are here with me, I try to include them in different things if they want. I am also good at having a tray with coffee or tea brought to their room in the morning. Setting up drinks at night so we can catch up and talk about our plans for the next day. So enjoy your guest and think of it as fun. The more fun it is, the less stress, and your guest will be happy and want to come back soon for another visit.
See you all next time.........

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Master Bedroom and Thank you........

Hi everyone, Sorry for the break, I have been a little busy this week. I'm back with the good stuff, room pics. I decided to head to the master bedroom, my inner sanctum. I had to pick up the clothes and shoes around the room (it wasn't that bad, maybe?????). Enjoy.......
I make my bed Shabby Chic style, loose and plush. I like being able to just slide into bed with a bottle of water or hot cup of tea. My nightstands are different, but the thing they have in common is white and glass knobs. I found these lamps at a junk store $25.00 each. The shades I had around the house. The cherub was a gift (Italian, it came off an old mirror), perfect for my rosary beads.
My setting area, I always wanted one in my bedroom and I feel it is needed if you want to be alone or a place to receive visitors if you are sick. I just do late night reading here, and I love it. The chairs I found and reupholstered, then I made slipcovers for one and arm covers for the other. The footstool is the $20.00 Ikea one, the color of the slipcover didn't match, so I made one for it. The nightstand is Maine Cottage with a glass knob. The lamp is from a flea market, some paint added. The shade is from Target. The curtains are just whacked off the bolt and put on the window blinds valances (plain and simple).
The dresser is something I have had for a while, I bought it new and I love it. The mirror I bought before the dresser (I love rabbits as well as sheep), I love this mirror. The jar was bought to hold a terrarium, but I never got to it, so some shells and remnants later, I have a great piece.
My amoire was going to be replaced with a really nice french one, but it would not fit up the stairs (I hope one day to get it out of my garage). So I retrofit this one to hold my TV. Sometimes you can take lemons and make lemonade. Its white and it functions, sometimes you have to say it works and leave it at that.
My birdcage with stone birds.....
I hope you enjoyed the tour...
P.S. I want to say thank you to Ness from marley&lockyer for posting about my blog. Ness, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the items you won, the jars look good on your mantel. Also to everyone who comments and visits, Thank you, you all make it worth blogging. Also I want to say there is a great blog Belgian Pearls by Greet, it is very inspirational (love reading about your design projects, Greet).
See everyone next time........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Natalie Merchant

Hi everyone, this is a quickie post. I was on youtube and I thought this video would make you smile. It is Natalie Merchant (I have always loved her music), and this it my favorite video it always makes me smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdG618TMc5E
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
See you next time.......

Dressing room Redo

Hi everyone, Well I put away Christmas ( wow what a job!!!). I decided to do a little room redo. In one of my guest rooms is a walk in closet/dressing room. It was ok before, but I have a favorite chaise lounge I had restored. It has been in my office, lately I have been thinking about moving it so I have more space in my office. Redo time.....
This is the room before......
It is ok, but this is the room now........
I took out the short dresser, repositioned the tall dresser, put back my pig and sheep footstools. The I added the chaise lounge, a small bird side table, and a small alabaster lamp. I added some pillows, this now reminds me of a proper dressing room. A place to dress and play, or just to be alone with a cup of tea and a good book (a may try it myself). A little nook to just shut out the world and relax.
See you next time.......

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from The Swedish Room

Hi everyone, Wow another year is behind us, and a new decade is in front of us. This year I decided to stay home and think about the past year. I have had many ups and downs like everyone, I think this is the year of introspection. Well I finally finished design school (I might go back for my masters), I started this blog (I've been wanting to do this for quite a while), and I think I am happy with my life for once (I'm happy for everything I have, and not worried about what I don't). I have learned to be patient and wait because all of life's good things will come to you with God's help. Yes this has been a year of discovery. I hope it has been for you too. I thought it would be nice to show the Christmas tree one last time.....Ok lets open my life door just a bit more....
For years I have been selling painted furniture, French, Swedish, and Shabby Chic items. I love doing this as my sideline. I'm even starting a furniture line (just started and I already sold some pieces). I will show some of them in a later post. I love this European/shabby/cottage lifestyle I want to share it with everyone (you know what they say, if you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life). I enjoy what I do including painting and building furniture, making pillows and slipcovers, treasure hunting, and designing. These pics are of the booth I sell out of in a small antiques mall near my home. I know it is a little crowded, but I like to bring in new things (maybe I should get a bigger booth, we'll see). Enjoy......
Yes I know the booth and the blog have the same name. Well the booth had the name first then I decided to make the blog the same name. I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Have a Happy New Year from The Swedish Room.
See you next time.....