Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seaside Guest Room

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the small break in the weather. I was waiting to post this guest room, but we are all impatiently waiting for spring so I decided to do it today. I have what I call my Seaside Guest Room, it is the room that I can imagine being at the beach in. Of course I added lots of white, a dash of blue, and seashells then the mix was ready for that beachy style.
A large urn with large starfish I painted white (they were an orangy color before). I also painted the urn, but not very well I wanted it look a little rough and not solid white. The starfish came from Paris many years ago. I love them and the large size.
Next is the bed....
First I made the pillow from some left over fabric from a client project. The headboard is Maine Cottage, the nightstands and lamps are Ikea. I love that you can mix Ikea with anything and it goes well. The curtains again are wank off the bolt hang on blinds valance window treatments (I love simple and plain window treatments).
Here is the silver chair that I made in college. I loved it so much after the term it followed me home (hey its only stealing if it doesn't already belong to you). I made a seat slipcover for it and now a new home here. Next is the dresser.....
I planned for the dresser to be sold off, but after I was done I really loved it. I did take it in, two weeks went by, and all the other dressers I brought in sold, and it was the only one left. I took it as a sign and it came back home. An urn candle and some shells, it looks positively beachy.
Lastly I saw this great lithograph of a ship out flea marketing, again Ikea to the rescue with a frame. Just put it in and hang it up.I'm no where near the beach, but I love that style, as well as Swedish and French. I try to use shells in other rooms, but this is my beach room. I hope you enjoyed it.
See you next time........


  1. Your seaside guest room is just beautiful and so calm & soothing. Love all that white and your right the ikea lamps do fit in really well. You have done a lovely job with this. Sandy

  2. Yep, love Ikea. Your room looks great and I really love your chair. You have the room looking so restful...brief achieved!
    Ness xx

  3. SOOOO pretty! Love it all! Just found you & looking forward to looking around! I'm redoing my bedroom right now....come over & take a look and feel free to tell me what you think it needs. I totally love the frenchy nordic/swedish style! (Your blog name drew me in :) ) Thanks!