Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from The Swedish Room

Hi everyone, Wow another year is behind us, and a new decade is in front of us. This year I decided to stay home and think about the past year. I have had many ups and downs like everyone, I think this is the year of introspection. Well I finally finished design school (I might go back for my masters), I started this blog (I've been wanting to do this for quite a while), and I think I am happy with my life for once (I'm happy for everything I have, and not worried about what I don't). I have learned to be patient and wait because all of life's good things will come to you with God's help. Yes this has been a year of discovery. I hope it has been for you too. I thought it would be nice to show the Christmas tree one last time.....Ok lets open my life door just a bit more....
For years I have been selling painted furniture, French, Swedish, and Shabby Chic items. I love doing this as my sideline. I'm even starting a furniture line (just started and I already sold some pieces). I will show some of them in a later post. I love this European/shabby/cottage lifestyle I want to share it with everyone (you know what they say, if you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life). I enjoy what I do including painting and building furniture, making pillows and slipcovers, treasure hunting, and designing. These pics are of the booth I sell out of in a small antiques mall near my home. I know it is a little crowded, but I like to bring in new things (maybe I should get a bigger booth, we'll see). Enjoy......
Yes I know the booth and the blog have the same name. Well the booth had the name first then I decided to make the blog the same name. I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Have a Happy New Year from The Swedish Room.
See you next time.....


  1. I love to potter around sweet stalls like yours. Everything looks sweet.

    Happy New Year.

    Julie Q

  2. OOOO! I love it!! I have one of those little iron urns and have been trying to think of where to put it. I think I will fill it with wax and have it as a candle like you have here. Everything looks wonderful.
    Hope you had a lovely New Year.
    Ness xx

  3. Looks all wondefull!
    Happy New Year!