Saturday, January 16, 2010

My 5 Simple Rules for Guest

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is good. I was with a friend recently and she wanted to thank me for the advice I gave her for guest she was having over for the holidays (She said this was the first time her guest asked in advanced to come back). So I thought it would make a good post. So here are my 5 Simple Rules for Guest......
Simple Rule #1
Make a list. I always make a list of guest special needs, what they like, and places they may want to see. I don't follow the list exactly, but more of a guideline (I find list to be helpful).
Simple Rule #2
I love to set out big fluffy white towels, packaged soap, and I always keep a supply of extra toiletries (I find these at Target, they have the small ones for just a $1.00). That way if a guest forgets something you have it on hand.
Simple Rule #3
I make the bed with matching or coordinating linens. In this pic the bed linens are white but the pillows have a little more character, but they all go together. I don't think about expensive bed linens, I usually buy Jersey Cotton Sheets in white (yes the $20.00 ones, I love the way they feel, sooo soft) and I mix in different pillowcases and shams.
Simple Rule #4
I like to have empty drawers, closets, and nightstands (except a notepad and pen). Guest feel like they have a place to put all their things (I don't know about you, I hate living out of a suitcase). At least one empty drawer and a bit of closet space would be good (I know you may not have the storage space or your guest my be in the kids room that is why some space is still good).
Simple Rule #5
The always welcoming touch, flowers. I usually put them on the dresser or nightstand. Since I live pretty much all white I try to add color with flowers. For the men I have a bowl of mints or candy (guys seem to like that more than flowers).
So those are my rules for when my guest come over, besides cleaning. When my guest are here with me, I try to include them in different things if they want. I am also good at having a tray with coffee or tea brought to their room in the morning. Setting up drinks at night so we can catch up and talk about our plans for the next day. So enjoy your guest and think of it as fun. The more fun it is, the less stress, and your guest will be happy and want to come back soon for another visit.
See you all next time.........

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