Monday, March 29, 2010

French Love At The Room

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the kinds words for my last post. I really appreciated it. Ok we are moving on with the fun. Ok I decided to do something difficult for me, but I love a challenge. I recovered a Louis side chair in white burlap. I didn't realise that burlap is so thin, so I doubled it up so the staples would go into the fabric and stay. Trust me it took a few tries, but I finally caught the hang of it. Next was double welting (I found mine at Hancock, I went to JoAnns and they don't sell it anymore). This was really hard trying to stitch it and making sure it was straight. This project took a few days (because I just had to walk away a few times), but I bucked up and finished. BTW the frames were yellow gold (Yuk!), so I distressed them and put some dark wax on them to give them an aged look. I love them, take a look......
As you can see green drapery fabric and yellow gold frames...
Now with burlap and antiqued frames, I love them!!!
Look double welting (I might wait to do this again).
French Love...
For more Make It For Monday love go to Cindy's at
See everyone next time......

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you to My Blog Friends, Good Bye Fair Weather Friends

Hi everyone. I just want to do an insightful post. First I want to Thank all of the wonderful people who follow or enjoy my blog, it means a lot to me. I like to think of the blog as my journal or my idea factory. I follow quite a few blogs and I enjoy a lot more. I will be adding more blogs from my followers list, because you guys have great blogs and I want to showcase them.
Ok the knitty gritty, I recently had a giveaway as you all know. I enjoy doing these and this was my second one. I was hoping to maybe get a few more followers and to have fun with the ones I already am blessed with. I am sorry I only had one prize. I am not sorry about who won. She has a wonderful blog and I am glad to support her, as I am with many of you and with may more of you. I am trying to give everyone a fair chance to win a prize, but such is life sometimes we win and sometimes we don't. Trust me I do not always win.
Here is the nuts and bolts. Some people just followed my blog for the giveaway. I feel sorry for them, that they only stayed to win something and when they didn't they left. That is a sad trait, and I felt I should say something.
I try to make the blog interesting and fun. I know lately I've been M.I.A, but I'm trying to revamp my products for an upcoming show. Trust me I miss blogging and seeing all of your wonderful blogs. I will be blogging regularly this upcoming week at the Make It For Monday party at Cindy's. I am glad to see new faces come to my blog, and will enjoy all of your inspirations also.
I will continue to have more giveaways. I'm not going to let a few people stop me from having fun, and spread joy to others.
BTW I'm going to have a followers only giveaway, I'm thinking towards the end of summer, this is to wrap up a great spring/summer.
Ok I'm getting off the soap box. Everyone have a good weekend
See everyone next time.......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

....And The Winner Is!!!

Hi everyone. I told you I would announce the winner today. I have to make this a quick post as I still am working on revamping my look for the upcoming Scott's show. I miss blogging I hope to do more regular posts real soon.
Here is my friend getting ready to pick (the suspense!!!)....
The winner is Linden Townhouse, Congrates, I will email you in the next couple of days so I can send you your prize.
Everyone else I'm sorry, but there are going to be more giveaways with just as nice prizes. Just remember to sign up and follow for the followers only giveaway, so start following, tell your friends, it is going to be a good giveaway prize. Ok I have to go. Thank you all for joining my giveaway.
See everyone next time......

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Scott's Show & Still Need to Announce Winner

Hi everyone. I am so sorry about not being on in a while, and I will respond back to everyone as soon as I can. Well you all know I did the Scott's Antique Market last weekend. It was quite an experience. I might say I was not prepared for it at all. It is one thing to shop the market, quite another to sell at it. I didn't have the proper back drop, my furniture and items looked like they belonged at a garage sale instead of an antique market. While the pieces were lovely and I loved doing them, I thought the big pieces would go first, but they didn't, being overshadowed by my smaller pieces and small items. I already knew some of the people at the show, and met some new ones that I loved talking to and shopping with. I love when that happens you meet people you just connect with, it always makes these show go fast and you have lots of fun. I think I was smiling and laughing the whole time, despite the fact my two biggest pieces sat. I asked everyone new and old what I could do to make things go better for next show. The main consensus is lots of smalls, crust and rust, and burlap. Also walls wouldn't hurt. So for the last week after the show I have been looking around for smalls, crusty rusty things, and pieces I can cover in burlap. I have been working on walls and flooring. New display pieces and tables, it has been really busy here. I have been using Restoration Hardware as a guide to this style, because I'm all about the white and this is about as foreign the me as going to Mars. I think I'm getting the hang of it, we'll see. I'm also going going to add hardware from my years of changing handles to glass. Adding some vintage costume jewelery, and garden items. I'm going fun and funky, I might even add some to my white world (GASP!!!). Here are some pics from the show.
This one went to the antique mall I sell at. After she sells I'm going to do my rusty crusty there too. I love her, but the public has spoken. In my heart thou it will always be about my whites.
This wonderful piece did sell (the only big one that did).
These went too...
This one I'm bringing back, it seems to fit with everything.
I sold a lot of these pots, so back they come (I have to sneak a little white here and there).
So wish me luck......
Ok the thing that everyone is waiting on the giveaway, I know I said this past week and I am sooo sorry to keep everyone waiting. I will announce it either this Monday or Tuesday, I promise, cross my heart. Good luck everyone, and to keep it fair a friend will pick the winner (no she doesn't blog, but I keep telling her she should, I'll keep working on her).
See everyone real soon........

Monday, March 15, 2010

From Vanity to Nightstand

Hi everyone. Sorry about last week just got busy doing the show. I should be good for another 20 days until I have to get ready again. I'll tell you all about it in a later post this week (saving all the details until then). It is Makeover Monday and I have a good one. You know how you see old vanities around without mirrors, well I love to turn them into nightstands. As long as they have four legs per unit it is easy to do (I once didn't notice a vanity I bought only had three legs per unit, I had to have two made to match. Lets say after that I always make sure.). The middle of these vanities are usually a step down drawer, so find out how it is attached and remove the screws or nails (usually inside the units). Next putty the holes, sand, wipe down (that easy). Then I paint, distress, and wax the tops (I don't think I need the explain all those steps). Waaa Laaa two great old looking nightstands. See for yourself.....
Don't they look great, they sold at the show, so I'm happy for the two little girls, who had such a smart, and tasteful mommy who thought they should have them. For more Must see Makeover Monday projects go see Cindy at
BTW.... The giveaway is still going on until March 15th at 12:00am (ohhh nooo that's tonight so hurry). The rules are on My Mistake post. After tonight I will announce the winner later this week. Good luck and have your own Makeover Monday.
See everyone next time.......

Friday, March 12, 2010

Anthropologie Love

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been on lately and I haven't attended any parties. I have been busy getting ready for the Scotts Antique Market (Thank goodness for WiFi). I am able to post from the show. Yes I'll bring back pics. For everyone I'm still having the $50.00 Anthro giveaway (go to the My Mistake post for the rules). I wanted my designer post to be about Anthropologie.
I can't tell you how much I love Anthropologie, the look and the stuff!!! When I worked there I realised how much work and staff it takes to create all the displays for an Anthro store.
I learned the displays are created by artist (really surprised me it wasn't designers). They are given a guideline in what the direction the company wants the display to be about, but the actual display is up to the artist themselves to create. It was wonderful to see in the morning all the great transformations of the store, the way an idea can be realised. I'm a designer and some of the ideas really surprised me. Sure I could go on about the wonderful home items and the great clothing, but it is the displays that get you in the door. Without them you wouldn't even notice the stores. Anyway lots to do I'll bring back pics later. Here is some Anthro eye candy.
Sorry only had time for two pics, but we all know how great Anthro is.
BTW the drawing for the givaway is March 15th so hurry.....
See everyone next time.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Walking in the Park & The Giveaway

Hi everyone. I hope the week has been good to you. I just have to be honest I have not been feeling myself lately. I don't know if it the season or maybe I've been letting things get to me. Today I decided to take a walk to the park next to my subdivision, I just needed to take a walk today. I usually take my favorite ham, my Belgium Shepard, Zeus. He is quite the character and he was more than willing to take a walk today.
"Lets get going, those ducks aren't going to chase themselves"
I always love going to this park there is so much to see. Like the beautiful pond and fountain, The falling down trees in the background were the result of a storm last year. It still has a certain untouched beauty.
There are the ducks, don't worry I never let him chase them. After all I'm not getting in that cold water.
This is the outside of the visual arts center in the park. All of the art here is from local artists.
I love this bench, there are three here. Do you think might miss one????
I like this play area, makes me want to be 8 again.
Then this great path, very wooded feeling even with the lights. I love walking back here.
I feel better now. Walking in the park always makes me feel better, especially on nice days like today.
Don't forget about the giveaway it ends on March 15th. For all the rules you can go to the "My Mistake" post. Oh and tell your friends after all I want everyone to have a chance to enter.
See everyone next time....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Faces of White Wednesday & A Giveaway

Hi everyone. Yesterday should have been called White Tuesday, Georgia has been snowy and cold this year. Another reason for spring to get here already. It was pretty to look at, but it made a big mess. Anyway it is White Wednesday, the most rocking party in blogdom (I will talk about the giveaway in a bit, you'll love it). I was thinking about what I could do for White Wednesday, and it came to me. I have white figures and busts so what great subjects to photograph. I hope you enjoy....
Madonna and child, I love this one and it cost me a dollar.
This handsome man was a gift from my aunt who went to Italy.
I just found her and I'm still deciding if I should sell her....
This little guy is in a glass globe with shells, sand dollars, and coral. The hope for warmer weather.
For more wonderful whites, go see Kathleen at

Now the giveaway....
The giveaway is a $50.00 gift card to Anthropologie.
To qualify you have to leave a comment and become a follower to my blog.
If you are already a follower to my blog, Thank you, you can just leave a comment.
The giveaway ends March 15th, after that I will have a drawing and the winner will be announced.
The reason I want you to follow is I'm going to eventually have a followers only giveaway. This will only be for followers of the blog to that point.
I'll post about that giveaway when I'm ready to have it.
Have fun everyone.
See everyone next time.......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Mistake
Hi everyone. I just wanted to do a quick post about the giveaway rules. I reread my last post and made a mistake so I will go over the rules again. Sorry everyone, but this is not a big deal.
The giveaway is a $50.00 gift card to Anthropologie.
To qualify you have to leave a comment and become a follower to my blog.
If you are already a follower to my blog, Thank you, you can just leave a comment.
The giveaway ends March 15th, after that I will have a drawing and the winner will be announced.
I noticed I put favorite instead of follower, so everything else is the same.
The reason I want you to follow is I'm going to eventually have a followers only giveaway. This will only be for followers of the blog to that point.
I go into it more later when I'm ready to do that giveaway.
So everyone have fun.
See everyone next time.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

Numbered Hat Boxes & A Giveaway

Hi everyone. I hope everyone had a good weekend. It is Make it for Monday again hosted by Cindy at Cottage Instincts. Well my project is a series of white numbered hatboxes. I was inspired to do this thanks to A Beach Cottage, Sarah had a great post on a painted and numbered toolbox. I didn't have a toolbox, but I did have some hatboxes from a Christmas display. So I said to myself why not.
Here are the hatboxes before, rather plain. I think I bought them at Jo Ann's. So I picked a number font and sized them for each box.
Here goes the paint. I used some eggshell paint I had in my garage. I just made sure it was kind of matte.
Next I printed numbers on full sheet clear labels and cut them out carefully. I did this because my is not study enough to paint numbers. Anyway no one will ever know.
There you have it numbered hatboxes, great for storage and they look pretty too.
For more Make it for Monday go visit Cindy at

Ok here is the giveaway.... wait for it.... A $50.00 gift card to Anthropologie. Yes the hottest store in blogdom right now. You ask how can I win this, glad you asked. I going to asked that you not only leave a comment to this post and all the others until giveaway end, but here is the twist. I'm going to ask you to favorite my blog also (If you already have me in your favorites, Thank you, your support means a lot to me, and you can just leave a comment), I do this because, this spring/summer I'm going to be doing more giveaways and I don't want anyone to miss out. So come an join the fun, great giveaways, fun and inspirational post, and a good way to meet other bloggers like yourself.
So go check out Anthropologie and see all the great stuff. The last day for the giveaway is March 15th, so hurry.....
See everyone next time.....