Friday, March 12, 2010

Anthropologie Love

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been on lately and I haven't attended any parties. I have been busy getting ready for the Scotts Antique Market (Thank goodness for WiFi). I am able to post from the show. Yes I'll bring back pics. For everyone I'm still having the $50.00 Anthro giveaway (go to the My Mistake post for the rules). I wanted my designer post to be about Anthropologie.
I can't tell you how much I love Anthropologie, the look and the stuff!!! When I worked there I realised how much work and staff it takes to create all the displays for an Anthro store.
I learned the displays are created by artist (really surprised me it wasn't designers). They are given a guideline in what the direction the company wants the display to be about, but the actual display is up to the artist themselves to create. It was wonderful to see in the morning all the great transformations of the store, the way an idea can be realised. I'm a designer and some of the ideas really surprised me. Sure I could go on about the wonderful home items and the great clothing, but it is the displays that get you in the door. Without them you wouldn't even notice the stores. Anyway lots to do I'll bring back pics later. Here is some Anthro eye candy.
Sorry only had time for two pics, but we all know how great Anthro is.
BTW the drawing for the givaway is March 15th so hurry.....
See everyone next time.....


  1. Never visited an Anthro store and would love to visit one. i guess for the time being I'll have to be content with the pics you will share with us.
    from what i can see here it's amazing.

  2. I work at is amazing and fun!