Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you to My Blog Friends, Good Bye Fair Weather Friends

Hi everyone. I just want to do an insightful post. First I want to Thank all of the wonderful people who follow or enjoy my blog, it means a lot to me. I like to think of the blog as my journal or my idea factory. I follow quite a few blogs and I enjoy a lot more. I will be adding more blogs from my followers list, because you guys have great blogs and I want to showcase them.
Ok the knitty gritty, I recently had a giveaway as you all know. I enjoy doing these and this was my second one. I was hoping to maybe get a few more followers and to have fun with the ones I already am blessed with. I am sorry I only had one prize. I am not sorry about who won. She has a wonderful blog and I am glad to support her, as I am with many of you and with may more of you. I am trying to give everyone a fair chance to win a prize, but such is life sometimes we win and sometimes we don't. Trust me I do not always win.
Here is the nuts and bolts. Some people just followed my blog for the giveaway. I feel sorry for them, that they only stayed to win something and when they didn't they left. That is a sad trait, and I felt I should say something.
I try to make the blog interesting and fun. I know lately I've been M.I.A, but I'm trying to revamp my products for an upcoming show. Trust me I miss blogging and seeing all of your wonderful blogs. I will be blogging regularly this upcoming week at the Make It For Monday party at Cindy's. I am glad to see new faces come to my blog, and will enjoy all of your inspirations also.
I will continue to have more giveaways. I'm not going to let a few people stop me from having fun, and spread joy to others.
BTW I'm going to have a followers only giveaway, I'm thinking towards the end of summer, this is to wrap up a great spring/summer.
Ok I'm getting off the soap box. Everyone have a good weekend
See everyone next time.......


  1. Thats really bad manners, how annoying. I'm more a Blog reader than writer so without people like you I'd have no wonderful Blogs to read, massive thank you. Amanda x

  2. I think ...
    you ...
    nailed it ...
    The same thing
    happens (ed) to me
    with every
    like 152 comments
    and then sisboombah ... nada!
    true ...
    I'm here for
    the long
    haul ♥

  3. That is so common, please don't let it bother you. It is not worth it. Remember those of us that are here because you have a great blog. I enjoy your posts when you have nothing to give away. All the best, Lori

  4. Oh, I am sorry about this! I loved your blog and followed it before your giveaway and just feel so blessed to have won!

    I know that a lot of people come out of "lurkdom" to enter giveaways. I always try to comment on the blogs that I faithfully follow. People put a lot of effort into writing these and taking photos for OUR pleasure. It's a little like opening a favorite magazine each day. For this reason, I only follow blogs that compliment my tastes and style, so that I can devote the time to commenting. But one thing I do struggle with is what if someone who likes mid-century modern decorating follows MY blog? Am I obligated to follow them too? What do others feel about this? Is there some kind of blog etiquette about this of which I am not aware?

    I have a humble little blog with the grand total of ten followers. I'm amazed at all the "big guns" out there who have 1,000-15,000 followers. If I comment on someone's blog like that, they NEVER respond, and I think I understand this. They would have to spend 10 hours a day answering all the emails.

    Anyway, the main reason I am blogging is to document my little corner of the world. I'm just happy to stumble upon so many good ones. I hope you are not discouraged!

  5. Please do not be discouraged. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to your new posts and ideas! I feel my blog is like a journal, a diary of sorts. There are only 12 followers and that is fine. When I have time I enjoy giving tutorials and showing pictures of my corner of the world.
    I really do not know what the secret is to getting more followers, I know some blogs have been out there a short time and have an enormous following. It makes me happy to share...I think you feel that way too!

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  7. Many kind people are reading your blog.
    I like your nice blog.:-) Hug Stina

  8. Blogging Friend, I am sorry for your disappointment. I too think this is part of blogging. There may be bloggers or others that just run around and post to giveaways. Thank you for visiting today. BTW, your space looked good to me at the show. It might just be the economic times that small things were purchased. Keep going girl! Joan

  9. I guess I hadn't thought about the fact that someone would be so crass as to "unfollow" a person after a giveaway. But I suppose your right, that does explain why numbers go down. I find it hard to keep up with someone unless they are on my blog roll. So you're going on! I appreciate each person taking the time to comment. Each one is a little blessing! You'll be seeing more or me.

  10. Thank you so much for your nice visit. It's always a pleasure to read your comments and pay your wonderful blog a visit. unfortunately haven't had so much time, as of lately, either to post or to visit as much as I would love to. It's just with the new job and all at the end of the day spend more time at work than at home with my family... *sigh* and when i come home in the evening after the most tiring and stressing day at work all I can think of is grab a bite for dinner, walk the dog out and go to sleep.
    Never had a giveway, but a similr thing happen to me with followers. Had quite a large number of followers at the beginning and then... nows only a few faithful readers are still with me. I'm so thankful that you all are a constant presence with my blog and keep on giving me your support and encouragement. This is so priceless to me!! I love and appreciate each and everyone of you my dearest bloggerettes!
    Let's both hope for a more brilliant blogging future.
    And one thing is for sure, your blog is such a delight and every visit, even if I do not always leave a comment, leaves me with a wondeful sense of endearment, well knowing that I've cometo the right place for beauty and inspiration.
    Lotsa luv
    p.s. congrats to Lindedn Townhouse for winning your gorgeous giveway. next will surely be mine LOL!

  11. Thank You for your visit and seeing our collection of Easter goodies. I have a lot of fun blogging. But I just like it also just to see everyones collection of treasures. Have a great day.... Julian

  12. That's why I fought so long not wanted to add the follower gadget. Don't be discouraged. Happy Blessed Easter!


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