Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Scott's Show & Still Need to Announce Winner

Hi everyone. I am so sorry about not being on in a while, and I will respond back to everyone as soon as I can. Well you all know I did the Scott's Antique Market last weekend. It was quite an experience. I might say I was not prepared for it at all. It is one thing to shop the market, quite another to sell at it. I didn't have the proper back drop, my furniture and items looked like they belonged at a garage sale instead of an antique market. While the pieces were lovely and I loved doing them, I thought the big pieces would go first, but they didn't, being overshadowed by my smaller pieces and small items. I already knew some of the people at the show, and met some new ones that I loved talking to and shopping with. I love when that happens you meet people you just connect with, it always makes these show go fast and you have lots of fun. I think I was smiling and laughing the whole time, despite the fact my two biggest pieces sat. I asked everyone new and old what I could do to make things go better for next show. The main consensus is lots of smalls, crust and rust, and burlap. Also walls wouldn't hurt. So for the last week after the show I have been looking around for smalls, crusty rusty things, and pieces I can cover in burlap. I have been working on walls and flooring. New display pieces and tables, it has been really busy here. I have been using Restoration Hardware as a guide to this style, because I'm all about the white and this is about as foreign the me as going to Mars. I think I'm getting the hang of it, we'll see. I'm also going going to add hardware from my years of changing handles to glass. Adding some vintage costume jewelery, and garden items. I'm going fun and funky, I might even add some to my white world (GASP!!!). Here are some pics from the show.
This one went to the antique mall I sell at. After she sells I'm going to do my rusty crusty there too. I love her, but the public has spoken. In my heart thou it will always be about my whites.
This wonderful piece did sell (the only big one that did).
These went too...
This one I'm bringing back, it seems to fit with everything.
I sold a lot of these pots, so back they come (I have to sneak a little white here and there).
So wish me luck......
Ok the thing that everyone is waiting on the giveaway, I know I said this past week and I am sooo sorry to keep everyone waiting. I will announce it either this Monday or Tuesday, I promise, cross my heart. Good luck everyone, and to keep it fair a friend will pick the winner (no she doesn't blog, but I keep telling her she should, I'll keep working on her).
See everyone real soon........

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  1. To thine own self be true, although I know when you have to market items, you have to listen to the public. I too like white, glossy and smooth with no chips or distressing. I just like farmhouse, smooth white finishes! I also like red, and there is not much of that around these days! I just picked up some great red-checked fabric at IKEA in the fabric dept. that was 75% off, an item they are discontinuing.

    Your items for you show look lovely. It must have been fun.