Monday, March 29, 2010

French Love At The Room

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the kinds words for my last post. I really appreciated it. Ok we are moving on with the fun. Ok I decided to do something difficult for me, but I love a challenge. I recovered a Louis side chair in white burlap. I didn't realise that burlap is so thin, so I doubled it up so the staples would go into the fabric and stay. Trust me it took a few tries, but I finally caught the hang of it. Next was double welting (I found mine at Hancock, I went to JoAnns and they don't sell it anymore). This was really hard trying to stitch it and making sure it was straight. This project took a few days (because I just had to walk away a few times), but I bucked up and finished. BTW the frames were yellow gold (Yuk!), so I distressed them and put some dark wax on them to give them an aged look. I love them, take a look......
As you can see green drapery fabric and yellow gold frames...
Now with burlap and antiqued frames, I love them!!!
Look double welting (I might wait to do this again).
French Love...
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See everyone next time......


  1. Wow, that chair looks fantastic! A tutorial would sure be great sometime! Do you just glue the welting on?

  2. What an amazing job. I love what you have done to the chair (wishing they were mine)LOL
    Great work

  3. I just love what you did with those chairs and I must say how impressed I am that you recovered them so well!! I know patience is a virtue :) I usually want immediate gratification and I find myself having a lot of half finished projects because I get impatient. Uuugh!!
    I wanted to comment on your giveaway. First let me start by saying how nice it is that you were so generous to do a giveaway in the first place. I have thought about trying a giveaway, hoping to gain more followers. I guess I am a little naive to think that someone wouldn't pull what they did to you on your blog! I am so sorry to see people would actually do what they did and stop following you since they didn't win. I guess you're right, though, I wouldn't let that stop me from doing the giveaway. I wouldn't want "followers" like that. I guess they did you a favor by not following you anymore...who needs that kind anyway. I am just surprised people can be that way. Thanks for sharing. I know to be a little cautious if and when I do a giveaway. I'm glad you didn't let them rob you of your happy blogging spirit!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  4. Oh, how gorgeous! I absolutely love your chair transformation!... Donna

  5. They are beautiful! I am searching for a "goodwill" french chair find that I can reupholster. Love the white burlap idea...

  6. It looks great but have a feeling that it maybe a bit harder than it looks.

    Leeann x

  7. That is gorgeous! You did an amazing job on it! I had never thought of using burlap to recover a chair, and love this idea! :)

    I am visiting from Linden Townhouse, and wanted to say hello! You have a beautiful blog! :) I hope you have a very blessed Easter!

  8. Oh my, you did a marvellous job with those chairs. look so charming I only wish they were mine. No matter how small my apartment is I'd sure find the perfect place for them. My bedroom just to name one????????????
    Thank you for the tutorial. Should I find a chair to be salvaged I'll definitely try my hand at frenchifying it. love the burlap effect.
    again, BRAVO!

  9. I think you've done a wonderful job on that chair..I look forward to seeing more.

  10. Just missing you and your posts, hope life is going well. Your chair re-do was just gorgeous and you are one of the people that inspired me to do my little chair slips. Just wanted to drop by and say "Hi".

  11. BeeeaU-tiful chair. I love what you've done with it. You are such an inspiration to me.
    I'm on the hunt now for one of my own.
    {{hugs}} Carolyne