Tuesday, January 26, 2010

French Farmhouse Family Room

Hi everyone. I hope your week is going well. You can see I have been working a little more on my blog, there is more to come in the days ahead (don't forget to read the quote at the bottom of the page).
Ok lets get on to the fun stuff, room pics. This is my family room, I've been waiting to show this room until after I finished the crown molding. I finally decided to just do it, I'm changing this room for the spring/summer anyway, so more pics are coming and the crown molding will be up by then.
This room is very different than the other rooms in my home. I did this because everyone ends up here (where the TV is.......), while I like all white rooms my guests may feel uncomfortable (I know this, because I was told by a guest). This is what I call French Farmhouse Style (finally the big boys like Potterybarn and Restoration Hardware get it, go check it out), I have mixed my two favorites Maine Cottage and Ikea. The two chairs, table, and TV armoire are Maine Cottage, the bookcases are Ikea.
The sofa is Ikea, you can see my main computer.
This is a coffee table prototype that I was working on for a furniture line I was producing. I decided to put that on hold for now (I need to revamp my idea for my furniture line). This is a cool coffee table (took months to figure out how to make this work), as you can see it looks solid.
Surprise four stools pop out, perfect for families so the children can use the coffee table as a work table. I love it so much, too bad it didn't catch on. So it has a home here, and I'm glad it does.
This is the mantel, I found the clock in Austin, TX on a trip. The candlesticks in a junk shop, and the mirror was another junk shop. Some postcards in a floral frog and done.
My trademark bird nest in the chandelier...............
Great piece I found, I just love the look and I capped it off with a metal flower.
That's my French Farmhouse Family Room, I know its so different, that's what I like about it. Though this spring/summer it will be a little more white, so stay tuned......
See everyone next time.......

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  1. I think your french farmhouse family room is perfect. I also think your coffee table is awesome. I would have loved one of those when my kids were younger. All the best, Lori