Saturday, January 9, 2010

Master Bedroom and Thank you........

Hi everyone, Sorry for the break, I have been a little busy this week. I'm back with the good stuff, room pics. I decided to head to the master bedroom, my inner sanctum. I had to pick up the clothes and shoes around the room (it wasn't that bad, maybe?????). Enjoy.......
I make my bed Shabby Chic style, loose and plush. I like being able to just slide into bed with a bottle of water or hot cup of tea. My nightstands are different, but the thing they have in common is white and glass knobs. I found these lamps at a junk store $25.00 each. The shades I had around the house. The cherub was a gift (Italian, it came off an old mirror), perfect for my rosary beads.
My setting area, I always wanted one in my bedroom and I feel it is needed if you want to be alone or a place to receive visitors if you are sick. I just do late night reading here, and I love it. The chairs I found and reupholstered, then I made slipcovers for one and arm covers for the other. The footstool is the $20.00 Ikea one, the color of the slipcover didn't match, so I made one for it. The nightstand is Maine Cottage with a glass knob. The lamp is from a flea market, some paint added. The shade is from Target. The curtains are just whacked off the bolt and put on the window blinds valances (plain and simple).
The dresser is something I have had for a while, I bought it new and I love it. The mirror I bought before the dresser (I love rabbits as well as sheep), I love this mirror. The jar was bought to hold a terrarium, but I never got to it, so some shells and remnants later, I have a great piece.
My amoire was going to be replaced with a really nice french one, but it would not fit up the stairs (I hope one day to get it out of my garage). So I retrofit this one to hold my TV. Sometimes you can take lemons and make lemonade. Its white and it functions, sometimes you have to say it works and leave it at that.
My birdcage with stone birds.....
I hope you enjoyed the tour...
P.S. I want to say thank you to Ness from marley&lockyer for posting about my blog. Ness, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the items you won, the jars look good on your mantel. Also to everyone who comments and visits, Thank you, you all make it worth blogging. Also I want to say there is a great blog Belgian Pearls by Greet, it is very inspirational (love reading about your design projects, Greet).
See everyone next time........


  1. What a serene room...and I'm with you on the shabby bedding...I just want to be able to peel back and get in with my tea, my book and lots and lots of pillows!

  2. your room looks like a photo from a magazine. It is just beautiful, and so tranquil feeling. I am especially loving that pair of bedside lamps. All the best, Lori

  3. That is wierd! I have some stone birds like yours in my birdcage here in the living room!!
    and a cherub (well two) that are similar.
    Your room is beautifl and I am sure we would have a ball shopping up the flea markets and antique stalls!
    Thank you for the mention. i love my prizes and so many people have commented on them.
    Ness xx

  4. Your room is so elegant! I love that Swedish style!! So beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!