Saturday, January 23, 2010

Morning Coffee and New/Old Books

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I thought I would do a quiet post today. I decided to show everyone how I read posts on all my favorite blogs. I usually get up early (usually around 4 or 5, I know I'm crazy), come down and start my coffee. I like to grind my beans and take my time, I set up a tray. Then push down on my French press and go to my sitting room. I grab my netbook (I know it is white, that is how much I love white. It took a while to find it too), I put a throw on my favorite chair, light some candles, then drink and read. I love the idea of the world around me being quiet and peaceful. I really enjoy it.
This is my new find that I had to have. They are a set of five German books (I should get someone to read them to me), I saw the color and I had to have them. When I asked the dealer the price I crossed my fingers and he said $40.00 for the set. I said sold. Later when I researched the books, they are from 1912, so I think I got a deal. They look great and fit perfectly.

Well that is it for now, I'm hoping to get my crown molding up in my family room so I can take pics (Maybe I'll do a before and after). Waiting for spring, so I can change my family room slips. I love changing for the seasons.
See everyone next time........


  1. Whow what a fantastic way to start your day. Such a beautiful setting - I love that crown on your table just beautiful Sandy x

  2. I have an adoration for creamy old white books ... ooooh and I see some french-pressed coffee to go with them ...

    nice to meet you ... now we are each others' follower