Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Breaks And Blessings

Hi everyone, I know I kind of disappeared, I hope you all aren't too mad with me. I really enjoyed blogging this past summer and enjoyed meeting all of you and seeing beautiful homes and even more beautiful thoughts. It has been a weird last few months, lots of ups and downs with Mr. Swedish Room and I. I felt so all alone with no one to turn to and no direction. I have been unhappy about my life lately, I know kind of stupid. There are so many that are way worst than I am, yet I could not see that, until last week. A friend came to visit me, I was so excited. I showed my friend all the local sites we laughed and had plenty of fun. We also talked about what was happening to me. This friend has never been that profound or inspirational, but I was truly surprised by what I heard. My friend said you only have one life to live if no one wants to walk with you pick yourself up and walk, eventually someone will walk next to you and then another and another. With this message in hand I decided recently to start walking and keep on walking. Today I understood the message fully, I decided not to do Scott's this month. I helped a friend, Angie, last month by storing her tables for her and I promised to bring them this month. I also wanted to bring Ms. Prue and older woman at Scott's who sells toys and pretty things, some toys I bought for her. I also wanted to give a Thank you note to Sonny the man that sells antique books at Scott's, because he did me a favor last month. When I got to Scott's all the other dealers I had talked to and knew gave me hugs and told me they were glad to see me. They said they would miss me this month at the show and couldn't wait to see me next month. I was so happy at the outpouring of love I was smiling and still am. My friend was right, and I'm glad. I missed my little blessings, but I sure saw them today. I hope you all take a minute and see your little blessings. I think my break is over and I'm ready to get back to life.
PS go hug someone today, you may make their day.
See everyone later........


  1. Hi! Here's a *HUG* !!
    Sooo sooo glad to have you back!
    I am new to your blog and love it so much that when you were 'MIA' i became worried AND sad.But here you are!!!yay


  2. here's a squeeze and a hug!

    girl, you were missed ... I left you on my sidebar, I knew you'd be back

  3. I am new to your blog as well! And I'm glad your back! Sorry for you problems, but sounds like your strong and ready to move on! Here's sending you some peace and joy for the holidays!

    Do you do Scott's in Atlanta? or Ohio?


  4. So glad you feel able to walk away. Good advice....Take care.