Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who Needs Restoration Hardware Anyway???

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. Sorry I have not responded to everyone right away, but it has been a little busy here at The Room. I promise I will respond to everyone ASAP. Here is the new news, Mr Swedish Room surprised me with a trip to Coco Beach in Florida. Here is the catch we are going in Gracie, ok not so much a catch, but I still have to pack her and get her ready. I ready don't mind because I'll enjoy Christmas on the beach in my BCOW (For those not in the know, Beach Cottage On Wheels). Just have to get a little tree and some beachy ornaments, I'm going to have fun. PS we are taking my buddy Zeus (check the side panel, he is the one with the smiling face and the wagging tail). I'll keep you posted.....
Ok its White Wednesday Time, and have I got a project for you. I'm sure everyone has seen how Restoration Hardware has this new French Flea Market look, but lets just say the price tags don't match. Ok I sell antiques, but even I have to look twice and shake my head. I love the look, but in these days and times a penny saved is a penny earned. So I needed a new lamp, now is my time to strike with the good old crafty imagination (Thanks Martha Stewart). I know I need to take step by step pics, but I was so excited, I guess I didn't think about it at the time until the end, darn...
I took a lided urn I had kicking around The Room and said LAMP!!! So off to work I went. I took off the knob. Enlarged the hole, and put the base together. I found a base for the bottom and faux rusted it ( I used Rust-oleum rusty metal primer and after that dried, put on Rust-oleum Multicolor Textured spray paint in Autumn Brown. Here is the part that makes it look rusty, take a hand towel and dap the Autumn Brown spray paint wet. You may need more than one coat and dap to get it where you want.) I had Mr. Swedish Room wire it, and I took my creation to Restoration Hardware for a shade (Can you believe someone wanted to buy my lamp in the store? It made me feel great). There you have it a Restoration Hardware like lamp without the price tag. Enough talking, here are some pics.
The faux rusty metal base goes great with the real rusty metal of the urn.
Silk shade by Restoration Hardware, lamp by me. After all they are copying want the rest of us have been doing for years.

Here is a before pic I found of the urn with the lid. The knob just unscrewed and away I went. Look around you never know....
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See everyone later......


  1. Wow, this is just gorgeous! Smart girl! Love the look, how nice that you have the mister to help out.

  2. Aren't you clever! That sure turned out nice :)

  3. Oh wow, that is incredible! You're amazing. Someday I'm going to make a lamp, I see it in my future. Though I'm too cheap to buy a shade at RH, I would probably go to Lowes ;) I found you via White Wednesday. Stop by my blog if you have a chance. I'm your newest follower, maybe you'll follow me too ;)


  4. We love this! It looks great! For more Swedish Decorating ideas check out!

  5. I am here for the first time and going to have a look around.

    Merry christmas

    Greetings from snowy sweden

  6. Happy New year to one of my favorite girls ...
    be blessed and prosper

  7. what a beautiful blog I found you via Seaside cottage...trailers..amazing love your style xo Laura