Monday, September 13, 2010

French Beach Cottage Headboard

Hi everyone, Its that time again, Make It For Monday. I didn't post for the party last week for two reasons. One I have been busy working on Gracie (for those in the know my Beach Cottage On Wheels), and two I had nothing to show. This week I have a great project to show. I call it a French Beach Cottage Headboard, this was the solution to needing a headboard for Gracie, and having a small budget. I hope it inspires.....
Don't mind the blue tape, I'm still working on Gracie. A little of the finished product.

I had some beadboard from another project, but its not that expensive (also you can have it cut down at the home improvement store). I bought some 1x6 finished lumber.

I put it all together like this (BTW its better to nail the beadboard into the 1x6 from the back), also mitered corners look better (If you ask real nice they may do it there too, Mr. Swedish Room helped me with that).

What? Oh that, I had this laying around the house so I just put it on. I'm sure you can find something like this at the flea market or something like it at a home improvement store. You can be as fancy or plain as you want.

Add a little primer and paint, Wa La a French Beach Cottage Headboard. Go try it, I had fun. For more inspiration go see Cindy at Have a good Make It For Monday. I'm back to work on Gracie........
See everyone next time.......


  1. Love it! I need to make a headboard for my daughter, and I think something like this might fit the bill. How did you attach that ornament thingy?

    Glad you could Mi4M :)

  2. What a nifty idea! I am a sucker for anything that is fancy mixed with something super this case the fancy ornamental...thingy with the beadboard. Fabulouso!

    Hey one other thing...I am thinking of renting a little booth at Canton you like it there? Can you give me some inside scoop? Out of all of the markets and malls...I tend to like this one the best.


  3. Oooooh...I just love it!! Thank you for sharing, so happy I stopped by!

  4. I love, love, love your idea!! Are you Swedish or just like Swedish design? My parents are from Sweden but I was born in California. I found you at Cottage Instincts. I've been blog hopping tonight.

    Katharine @ Kat's Almost Purrfect World

  5. I love this idea! I've been wanting to make a headboard, and beachy cottage is just the kind I'd like. I love the added embellishment too!

  6. This headboard is AMAZING and looks so easy to make. My fiancee and I currently have a little white french bed with a low headboard and have been looking to buy or build something more substantial; we're gonna make this!!!!!!Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Thank you for the inspiration! I'm staging a marina front condo and two of these twin headboards will go in the second bedroom instead of the massive upholstered dinosaurs that are there now.