Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Quiet Little Corner

Hi everyone, Its Saturday morning, and today is filled with BCOW(Beach Cottage On Wheels), now to be known as Gracie (that's right she finally has a name). Tell you more on that later. Today is build out day (basically all the molding and anything else that requires carpentry is going to happen today). So that will keep me busy.
This morning while drinking coffee I felt like a small project (just what I need another project). So I looked around the house and decided this space needed something. I thought a quiet corner.
So I cleaned off the top of this dresser, and the memo board. I put out these zinc candleholders and silver tray (which I already had). Moved my French pig, and Walmart radio over (I know the evil empire, but I love some of their stuff and you can't beat their prices).
Wa La a little inspirational corner, play a little music, light a few candles. Also a few inspirational bits on the memo board, and a great place to walk by and feel relaxed for a sec.
The dresser has its own story, as black does not usually fall into my palette. I designed and had this piece built for a local shop, black did fall into her palette. So after a year of no orders (plenty of interest), I decided to pull all the pieces. After some debate with myself (I know you do the same thing too), I decided not to paint it and to put it here. Sometimes you have to throw a zinger, this is mine.
And a little white rose to top everything off.
Ok now I'm getting back to work. I hope this corner relaxes me even for a sec today.
Have a good weekend.
See everyone next time......

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