Wednesday, September 1, 2010

White Bird Table

Hi everyone, Happy White Wednesday. I've been busy working on the BCOW (For those not in the know Beach Cottage On Wheels). It has been a lot of work and a lot more coming up. Right now its in the shop getting a ceiling panel replaced from past water damage. Yes I knew about it and am ok with it (because it is fixed, and hasn't leaked since I have had it). It will be back soon and then paint, after that the fun stuff. Enough about that, its White Wednesday Yayyyyyy!!!!!
What happens when you see a table you really love but it doesn't quite fit. That's right lots of white paint. I found this table at Pier1, I loved the bird and the twig shape but......
It looked like this, great lines, but its missing something. That's right white paint.....
Look how sweet the little bird looks.....
Oh I had to do something with the table top (not being a big fan of clear glass tops). I fixed it with spray frosting for glass.
There it is a nice table turned into a great white table, I love it.
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See everyone next time......


  1. AMAZING...I love this cute little bird table. Great job.

  2. white it in!!

    i do love a little gray or other soft color mixed with it tho ...


  3. That's really cute. The white is much better.

  4. I like it much better in white! Happy WW

  5. What a HUGE difference white paint has made here, just love it!

  6. White paint really did the trick made it so wonderful, love the bird too! I'm busy painting things before cold weather sets in!
    I'm now a follower and hope you will stop by!


  7. Gorgeous!! Love it in the white so much better. That bird is too cute too.