Friday, September 10, 2010

Seasonal Change

Hi everyone, I thought I would take a break from Gracie and show you some small changes I made for fall. Fall is a great time of year, you can sit out without being burned up or frozen. Depending on where you live you can feel a pleasant nip in the air at night. Fall colors are not usually in my palette, but I make small changes for the season. I find its cheaper to make small changes, and it does have more of an impact than you might think. First change dining room, all I did was get a black urn I already had (I know its not white, I don't paint everything white), rolled up some paper (in this case a clearance calender from Anthropologie I bought years ago, because the pages had an old parchment quality), threw in some pheasant feathers (I did have to buy them, but they weren't much), and a vintage paint brush I had around the house. Wa La... a cheap and cheerful center piece.

Here is a no money change, some lavender (ok I know everyone has potpourri, or can get some cheap, I had this in a baggy doing nothing), Pour it in these apothecary jar I had (try a glass bowl, or silver platter), and added some watch faces. Quick and easy....
My favorite crown in some river rocks (I usually use the rocks to put around orchids), some old hardware I picked up a long time ago, in a silver bowl I had in the china cabinet. Fall for no money......

This one is another freebie and only took 2 minutes, I took this piece (my favorite) off a bookcase shelf and put it on the coffee table.
Some more pics of this wonderful piece...

Look around, you may have a piece if you look at it a little different may make the perfect seasonal change. After all why should the big designer stores get your money, you use whatever you buy from them for a month, maybe two, then toss it or have to find a place to store it. I hope this inspired some of you. Now back to Gracie, I hear her now........COMING GRACIE (she sure is a taskmaster!!!)
(No I don't hear voices, just kidding LOL!!!)
See everyone next time.......

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  1. Love all of your simple fall decor changes... beautiful! I like to use river rock and pea gravel in my arrangements, too. I like how you used yours... very pretty! Thanks for sharing these great ideas with us.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)