Monday, September 20, 2010

Who's Ready For The Beach???

Hi everyone, Here we go. I finally did it, I finished Gracie (well at least most of her, I still have some small bits in the bathroom). I couldn't wait to show you all. Lets start at the beginning, Gracie was inspired by Kerrie at Sea Cottage, she has a vintage camper she calls the Pearl. Seeing her adventures, and hearing about the wonderful times she had got me thinking. So I decided to go for it this summer. Mr. Swedish Room at first looked at me like I lost my mind, but I convinced him we could be in the great outdoors more often. Saying that cinched it. So we started looking for campers, or for those in the know BCOW (Beach Cottage On Wheels). It took so long, and seeing so many dirty, expensive, and bad layout campers, I thought this was never going to happen. Then we finally found my Gracie, don't get me wrong she needed a lot of work (a new ceiling for one thing). Well you can see for yourself........
I'm going to enjoy the great outdoors more, as long as its done my way.
You always need a layered bed, on those cold nights. I made the pillow in the front, the rest are Ikea and Target(I love both of these places). The nightstands were refaced. All the hardware was replaced. The lamps are also Ikea. I know you all remember the headboard from three post ago.
A wider shot. Yes, those are wood floors (actually laminate, but it still looks good).
The kitchen. This might get some use in the morning (I love my morning coffee), but not much cooking (I have to draw the line somewhere). Rug and trash can, Ikea.
Tray is Target, teapot is an antique I found (yes it's going camping with me), and mugs are Shabby Chic.
Where the eating action is going to happen, naaaaaaa just laptop work. Oh the slipcovered cushions are from Ikea (actually I tucked and fitted them, they don't really go). The lantern is Ikea also.
The refrigerator door was damaged so I took some embossed wallpaper and covered the inside panel then painted it (semi gloss so I can wipe it down).
I see a lot of reading going on here. Another slipcover from Ikea, so are the two white pillows and the rolled up throw. I made the other two pillows.
Don't disturb me, I'm in repose.
Curtains as room dividers are from Ikea. All the other curtains are from Target.
Some before shots......
Fixing the sofa.
Refacing the nightstands.
Oh No Ceiling Down!!!!
Just kidding Mr. Swedish Room taking down the bad ceiling, it only took $300.00 to get it back up. Great job Honey. ( I guess this is why he don't want to be in the blog)

I was cleaning lots of this.
Now that it's done. Watch Out World, Here I Come!!!! and with a white camper named Gracie, oh and Mr. Swedish Room and Zeus (our dog) can come, I guess.
Ok I'm doing things a little different this time. I'm posting this on three parties.
Cindy at Cottage Instincts, Make it for Monday
Kathleen At Faded Charm, White Wednesday
Debra at Common Ground, Vintage Inspiration Friday
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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Louis Chair In Disguise

Hi everyone, I'm almost done with Gracie. I can't wait to show you. Today I'm joining Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday. I have been thinking who has inspired my style the most, I have to say Rachel Ashwell has. Ever since I saw her slipcovered furniture and use of vintage pieces, her embrace of imperfection, I was hooked. I love white, but I have included other colors as well over the years. I even learn to make slipcovers thanks to Rachel. I think she has influenced every part of my life. This includes my thinking, embracing the imperfect, and seeing it's perfect beauty. I had these Louis chairs (I have two) for a while (you may have seen them on other posts already slipcovered), but I want to share with you what inspired me to slipcover, instead of upholstering them.
I love the big ties I put on them, I love seeing big ties on slipcovers it gives them an extra detail.

One of my inspirational pieces (these two pics are from Shabby Chic), I love the loose fit of the slipcovers and the tie details. After seeing these two pics years ago, I knew I could slipcover my two Louis.

As you can see I modified the Shabby Chic design, but the spirit is still there. It took a little figuring, but I got the design done.......
right down to the arms......
For more vintage inspiration go see Debra at Now back to work on Gracie, Yaaaa!!! I'm almost done.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rusty White

Hi everyone, I'm taking a small break from working on Gracie (I hope to have pics for you next week, cross your fingers), to join in White Wednesday. I love urns and have quite a few, I can remember years ago seeing them everywhere, and loving them. There is nothing like a rusty urn showing it age. I always wonder, what was planted in it, if it was in a cottage or a grand home. Most of the ones I own are not old (those are too expensive for me), but they still have lots of rust. Well if you leave them outside......

Here are three that I love, I put them on a rusty base table....
White and rusty.....
Rusty base table. I found the base years ago, rusty and white, then added a white painted wood table top. It is one of my favorites.
An urn with a lid, when I don't have flowers in it, it still looks good.
This one is really rusty and crusty.....
This one I painted white, planted it and left it outside, nice and rusty. As you can see I love urns, especially white and rusty ones. For more white inspiration go see Kathleen at
Ok I'm back to work, Happy White Wednesday.
See everyone next time.......

Monday, September 13, 2010

French Beach Cottage Headboard

Hi everyone, Its that time again, Make It For Monday. I didn't post for the party last week for two reasons. One I have been busy working on Gracie (for those in the know my Beach Cottage On Wheels), and two I had nothing to show. This week I have a great project to show. I call it a French Beach Cottage Headboard, this was the solution to needing a headboard for Gracie, and having a small budget. I hope it inspires.....
Don't mind the blue tape, I'm still working on Gracie. A little of the finished product.

I had some beadboard from another project, but its not that expensive (also you can have it cut down at the home improvement store). I bought some 1x6 finished lumber.

I put it all together like this (BTW its better to nail the beadboard into the 1x6 from the back), also mitered corners look better (If you ask real nice they may do it there too, Mr. Swedish Room helped me with that).

What? Oh that, I had this laying around the house so I just put it on. I'm sure you can find something like this at the flea market or something like it at a home improvement store. You can be as fancy or plain as you want.

Add a little primer and paint, Wa La a French Beach Cottage Headboard. Go try it, I had fun. For more inspiration go see Cindy at Have a good Make It For Monday. I'm back to work on Gracie........
See everyone next time.......

Friday, September 10, 2010

Seasonal Change

Hi everyone, I thought I would take a break from Gracie and show you some small changes I made for fall. Fall is a great time of year, you can sit out without being burned up or frozen. Depending on where you live you can feel a pleasant nip in the air at night. Fall colors are not usually in my palette, but I make small changes for the season. I find its cheaper to make small changes, and it does have more of an impact than you might think. First change dining room, all I did was get a black urn I already had (I know its not white, I don't paint everything white), rolled up some paper (in this case a clearance calender from Anthropologie I bought years ago, because the pages had an old parchment quality), threw in some pheasant feathers (I did have to buy them, but they weren't much), and a vintage paint brush I had around the house. Wa La... a cheap and cheerful center piece.

Here is a no money change, some lavender (ok I know everyone has potpourri, or can get some cheap, I had this in a baggy doing nothing), Pour it in these apothecary jar I had (try a glass bowl, or silver platter), and added some watch faces. Quick and easy....
My favorite crown in some river rocks (I usually use the rocks to put around orchids), some old hardware I picked up a long time ago, in a silver bowl I had in the china cabinet. Fall for no money......

This one is another freebie and only took 2 minutes, I took this piece (my favorite) off a bookcase shelf and put it on the coffee table.
Some more pics of this wonderful piece...

Look around, you may have a piece if you look at it a little different may make the perfect seasonal change. After all why should the big designer stores get your money, you use whatever you buy from them for a month, maybe two, then toss it or have to find a place to store it. I hope this inspired some of you. Now back to Gracie, I hear her now........COMING GRACIE (she sure is a taskmaster!!!)
(No I don't hear voices, just kidding LOL!!!)
See everyone next time.......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gracie's Glam Camp Gear

Hi everyone, It's here another White Wednesday. I took some time from glamming up Gracie to show you some of the things I'll be taking for my glam camping (a friend told me that's what all the magazines are calling it). This the outdoor dining set I'm taking, I know it's white (wait until you see the inside of Gracie). The two side chairs were from the Ballard's Outlet, the table and bench are from Ikea, so is the lantern. I can't wait to hit the road.
I like the idea of using real dishes, I know who wants to wash dishes on vacation, I don't mind.
Sweet little mini roses.....
Sitting in French style, I love it!!!!

Well I'm back to Gracie, Mr. Swedish Room (that's right I never mention him, he's not into being part of the blogdom, but you may hear me speak about him more this year) is helping me work on her (Actually doing more of the work, but that's ok. I'll do the fun stuff real soon).
For more great white eye candy go see Kathleen at
See everyone next time.......

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Quiet Little Corner

Hi everyone, Its Saturday morning, and today is filled with BCOW(Beach Cottage On Wheels), now to be known as Gracie (that's right she finally has a name). Tell you more on that later. Today is build out day (basically all the molding and anything else that requires carpentry is going to happen today). So that will keep me busy.
This morning while drinking coffee I felt like a small project (just what I need another project). So I looked around the house and decided this space needed something. I thought a quiet corner.
So I cleaned off the top of this dresser, and the memo board. I put out these zinc candleholders and silver tray (which I already had). Moved my French pig, and Walmart radio over (I know the evil empire, but I love some of their stuff and you can't beat their prices).
Wa La a little inspirational corner, play a little music, light a few candles. Also a few inspirational bits on the memo board, and a great place to walk by and feel relaxed for a sec.
The dresser has its own story, as black does not usually fall into my palette. I designed and had this piece built for a local shop, black did fall into her palette. So after a year of no orders (plenty of interest), I decided to pull all the pieces. After some debate with myself (I know you do the same thing too), I decided not to paint it and to put it here. Sometimes you have to throw a zinger, this is mine.
And a little white rose to top everything off.
Ok now I'm getting back to work. I hope this corner relaxes me even for a sec today.
Have a good weekend.
See everyone next time......

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

White Bird Table

Hi everyone, Happy White Wednesday. I've been busy working on the BCOW (For those not in the know Beach Cottage On Wheels). It has been a lot of work and a lot more coming up. Right now its in the shop getting a ceiling panel replaced from past water damage. Yes I knew about it and am ok with it (because it is fixed, and hasn't leaked since I have had it). It will be back soon and then paint, after that the fun stuff. Enough about that, its White Wednesday Yayyyyyy!!!!!
What happens when you see a table you really love but it doesn't quite fit. That's right lots of white paint. I found this table at Pier1, I loved the bird and the twig shape but......
It looked like this, great lines, but its missing something. That's right white paint.....
Look how sweet the little bird looks.....
Oh I had to do something with the table top (not being a big fan of clear glass tops). I fixed it with spray frosting for glass.
There it is a nice table turned into a great white table, I love it.
For more Wonderful White Wednesday items go see Kathleen at
See everyone next time......