Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy bee

Hi everyone. Sorry it has been a while since my last post, I've been really busy with design boards for a house project (yeah like the ones from HGTVs designers challenge, only mine are better. I have to show in another post.). After my presentation on Thursday I want to have a lot more time to blog over the holidays. Also I get to do the pollyanna this year with my family so lots of phone calls today. I like doing it, but it has been so busy. We started last year because the family is getting so big, and certain members were always complaining about how they gave more than they got. So I decided last year to have a pollyanna, I got mixed results. I didn't even think about it after that. Then the phone call, and another, so I decided to try it again this year (I hope it goes well). No personal pics today, its all dark and rainy(yuck), so I decided to go with a place I would rather be. Just imagine morning coffee or afternoon tea here (beautiful). Oh by the way if anyone is still interested in joining the giveaway, there is still time (midnight EST). Oh no what is that sound, the crack of a whip. OH NO HELP ME!!!!!!!!(just kidding), back to work.
See you all soon.....


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