Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Winter/Spring slipcovers

Hi everyone, First things first Merry Christmas!!!! I hope everyone gets their Christmas wishes. I replaced the Advent candles with a tree under a cloche (yes I got this idea from the Swedish blogs). I love this look, very Swedish, simple and elegant.
So being done all my holiday deeds, I decided to work on a project for spring (I love thinking ahead,also I love projects.). I started working on my spring slipcovers for the family room. I never did seasonal decorating, but Ikea was having a sale (going there is great, but it is like getting a new outfit. You need new shoes and new this and that). So a new white sofa slipcover for my Ikea sofa started the ball rolling. I went to the fabric store excited about my new project, until the white denim I love is now $10.00 a yard. Great for a small project not when you need 15 yards. So I had to think about what to do, after all I wanted white in the family room this year. So back to Ikea, maybe I could make something do????? Going to scratch and dent (you know where that is....), I went though the slipcover bin hoping maybe I could find something. Finally I thought I can use the great fabric there (for two reasons,1. Cheap, 2. The fabric is almost the form of my chair, just needed a little nip and tuck here and there.). So I left Ikea with $50.00 worth of slipcovers. Another reason to make these slipcovers is because my chairs in my family room come from Maine Cottage, and I'm not paying tons of money for new slipcovers. The before pic great slipcover, I have loved it for years. Great for fall/winter.
The after pic, I love this slipcover. Great for spring/summer, I can't wait. I think I did a great job (one down, one to go).
Have a Merry Christmas, and have plenty of cookies, eggnog, and good cheer!!!!
See you next time.

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