Saturday, December 19, 2009

The princess and the pea....

Hi everyone. Thank you all for the kind words, I loved it (Thanks Ness for the great comments in your blog) and I will try to get back to everyone over the weekend. Also to everyone that made me one of their favorites, Thank you very much, I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Wow what a nice welcome to blog land. I will have more time, so I want to blog more, so YAY!!!!

This is my "princess and the pea" room, I call it that because it has that princess feeling I think is so important (at least in one room in every house). The pea part comes in because it is small. I tried to make this my jewel box guest room. All my female guest love this room, especially since it comes with room service (that's right I get up and make coffee or tea in bed for my guest, I like to pamper my guest after all they came to see me. Anyway we always end up laughing and having fun in that room, like an old fashioned pajama party.).

Here is the yummy bed(no the dress doesn't always stay out, I thought it added some interest to the shot). I try to make everything fluffy and mix and match, I love that look.

The nightstand, I found this pair of nightstands at a junk store for $99.00 a piece(I know a bit much, but sometimes you have to go for it). I love the french detailing, but I hated the beat up wood finish. So they got the treatment in a french vanilla color and now they are perfect.

The vanity, because you know every princess needs a vanity. Now this was a deal at $125.00 (I know for this great vanity). It is a little distressed, but we all love that look. I just cleaned her up, lined her drawers and her she lives (love that mirror!!!).

Love this little set, the silver is almost gone on the brush and mirror, but the hair receiver is all bright and shiny.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this cute little guy.................

And every princess needs a chandelier after all it is fun to look at laying in bed.

And a ballerina chair, it has double ruffles (not really just a table round cover and a sheer seat cover, i know completely impractical, but it still looks pretty.) She is covered in white linen and craved, this is a great chair. Now off to the surprise........

This room has a walk in closet, so I turned it into a dressing room after all every princess needs a dressing room.

Dressers and some goodies (I don't like clutter, sorry I know it looks a little plain. I tend to like quiet details, anyway my guest always have clothes and other things around this room, so I would rather it be about them as the guest.)

Quiet details, I love when space is made, but still has the elements you want.

Finally a princess chair to sit in repose and dress. I have a pair of these, I have been thinking of getting them redone (the fabric is not my style, but I can wait). I made the seat cushion for extra comfort. After all what princess would not want to stay here. I know I would............

See you next time.......

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