Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Hi everyone, I've been busy as usual (I would like to blog more often, I hope I will soon). I managed to get Christmas up and I thought I would share it with you. The tree was done last weekend in my favorite Christmas colors, white and silver. So I took a picture of the whole tree and thought it could look better. So I took pics a small piece at a time, I think it came out much better (Small views of my family room, I'll post more about this room at another time. Besides my crown molding is not up yet, it will be this spring). So enjoy the views......

The pig and the sheep are actually footstools. I love them and I use them at Christmas under the tree. The sheep reminds me of the verse "The lamb of God", I use a lot of sheep this time of year (you'll see). The pig is in my parlor, so she stays. Normally they are in a guest room, but I enjoy looking at them during Christmas, so they come out to visit.

This is my nativity sets, I know more than one. It started out with me buying a make due set. Then I decided to upgrade, but I couldn't get rid of the last set, and you know the rest. Three nativity sets, each is unique, and I love them all.

These are my sheep, real wool and porcelain, I love using them at Christmas. Tying silver bows around their necks, I think they have Christmas attitude. The tinsel tree was bought at the dollar store so the sheep look more pulled together on the tray. The tray was just hanging around so I put it under the sheep and the tree. I like to use as much as I have around the house for the holidays. One it is cheap, two it is fun to dress up familiar items. Even all the ribbon is from past projects.
My metal sheep, I fell in love at first sight with this one. It reminds me of the metal sheep done by Francois-Xavier Lalanne and his wife Claude Lalanne. I saw the their metal sheep in Paris and have loved sheep since then. The rest is history.

Finally my Target snow globe. A friend asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I said I always wanted a silver snow globe. They went to Target and got one just for me. Funny story time, they said this was the second snow globe they got me. The first almost made it home and fell in their driveway. Lets just say they were mad. A good friend, they went right back to Target for another. During Christmas we laughed about the the funny Christmas tale.
Well that's Christmas for me. Be good, I don't want to hear about anyone getting coal this year.
See you next time......
P.S. I will be doing a give away real soon, my first so lets make it good. Keep watching.
Now see you next time........

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  1. Lovely sheep! May I ask where you purchased them?
    P.S. Love your site...