Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Sanctuary and getting ready for Advent

Hi everyone, well Thanksgiving is over and it is time for Christmas. First though I wanted to show you the place I call my winter retreat, my front sitting room. No TV is allowed in here, it is my place to think in, my place to listen to music, and my place just to relax and read. We all need a place to just take sanctuary. I had a friend who had the smallest bedroom in her house as her retreat. Her rules on her retreat was no one was allow in her special room. I don't want to be that strict, I enjoy having others with me in my retreat, and sharing the peace.

Collected well loved objects. I truly believe in the Shabby Chic motto, less is more, I do not own anything that is not useful, beautiful, or well loved.

My favorite chair, it is so big and comfortable. I sometimes find myself reading and falling asleep. The throw on the arm is a good thing on cool nights. We all need a place all our own, where we feel "calm and can carry on".

Now on to Advent.....I love the Swedish blogs, especially this time of year. Seeing the different ways Advent candles are displayed. Using that as inspiration I created my own set of Advent candles. I cannot wait to celebrate Advent this year (being Catholic I'm ashamed to say I don't celebrate it that often). I love the white candles instead of the purple and pink. I think it is somewhat traditional using prayer candles. Anyway I will be happily celebrating Advent, thanks to the Swedish blogs.

See you next time......

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