Friday, November 13, 2009

Handmade cards and a dresser needs some TLC.

Hi everyone, I promised a quick handmade card lesson. Here it is, I go to Micheals or any craft store that sells stamps. I like silver ink, but any ink will do. You know the rest. What I like to do is stamp the back corner with the "Handmade with love" stamp. I love handmade cards because they are unique and show someone really loves you. I make them for all occasions, especially Christmas.

Next is a find.......... I found this girl at a thrift store, one of those great ones where you can get a deal. I was just cruising around and decided to go to my local thrift store. I have been here before and usually only find bits and bobs. This time I zoomed in on this classic beauty. It was love at first sight, you know what I mean. Anyway she didn't have a price so I had to ask. This can be tricky because if you seem too eager, they decide to up the price from what they originally wanted. So I slowly walked around waiting for one of the people to ask if I needed help. An older man asked and I said, "I'm curious about that piece?" He said "$75.00" and I said "I'll take it". At that point she found a home. She has great lines and good details, so I have a project this weekend. I'll take plenty of pics so you can see her go from drab to fab with some paint, glaze, and sandpaper.

Have a good weekend see you next time............

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