Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swedish Room Dining Room

Hi everyone. Now it is time for the fun stuff. Lets start with the dining room. For years I wanted my dream dining room, you know the type. The really expense one that you only see in magazines, but no where else. Knowing my money was tight I decided to roll up my sleeves and get to work. First was a change in color, I thought my first wall color was going to be my only one, was I wrong. My dining room started a sage green, for a long time I kept thinking I hate this color, but I lived with it. One day I looked at the green, walked out of my house got some white paint and went to work.

Next was the slipcovers..... I always liked the look of Rachel Ashwell's slipcovered furniture, so I took a page from her book. The two arm chairs I made those slipcovers, the others were from Target ( after all why torture yourself, and I'm impatient). The armchair slips were not that bad. The Target ones were even easier.

Now for the table..... I know what you are saying, "You are talking about rolling up your sleeves, but look at that table." Surprise I built that table, it was easy. I saw the legs and the top at the flea market, I asked the dealer how much for both, he said $80.00 for the top and $40.00 for all the legs "SOLD". I asked him about them he said a furniture factory went out of business and he did a clean out. A trip to Home Depot (Thank goodness for all the DIY stores), coats of paint, and some wax for the top and I have a table that looks more expensive than it is.

Let me tell you the story of this pretty girl..... I had been looking at her for a couple of years in my local antique shop. At $2500.00 no way, so she remained homeless, but I would keep checking on her. As time went on her price kept going down, until she reached $500.00. Let just say I snatched her up so fast. She now holds my dishes and silverware. I LOVE HER!!!! She has her shabby chic/french look for sure. (Although she is Italian).

Last but not least is this gilded French chandelier. Another example of if you wait long enough you maybe surprised. A friend had this beauty, I always loved it and always had a compliment for it. One day I can across a large mirror that my friend wanted it, so I suggested a trade. Anyway this beauty was on its way home with me.

Well that's my dining room. Oh whats with the bird and nest? That's my signature almost all my chandeliers have birds and nests. It makes everyone smile and look at them weird. So get out there and look, wait, trade, and paint.

See you next time........

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