Sunday, November 1, 2009

Designers that influenced my style

This is my first posting, so I hope I get better as time goes on. So please bear with me.
I decided to do my first posting on designers who have influenced my style. I take a little from each of them. There are more designers and I will mention them as I continue to post. So I hope you enjoy my first posting.

The first designer to influence me was Rachel Ashwell. Lets just say that after buying her first book I was hooked. Her style combines so many influences, I always love going to her stores and to Target to see what is new. It is because of her most of the seating in my home is slipcovered. I also love white and pale colors because of her. She also taught me( not personally) not to be afraid to mix and match.


Next is Martha Stewart, ( and no I cannot prepare meals like her). I like the historic influence of her style. She and Rachel Ashwell have a lot in common. I just like the way she makes everything seem so easy. I would like to have that someday, but sometimes it is better to work on yourself by trying, then by succeeding. To be honest with you I will never have a Turkey Hill lifestyle, but I admire her for showing us not to settle for the ordinary.


Finally for now is Carol Bass from Maine Cottage Furniture. I love that furniture, I love the lines and I love the large scale of it. Her furniture is simple, yet artistic. I'm not a fan of the bold colors it comes in, but they have my white and pale colors which I love. You can see Maine Cottage Furniture at


Well that's it for my first post, I hope you enjoyed it. Next post is the fun stuff, home pics and maybe more inspiration. ( After all who doesn't like to peek in their neighbors windows).

See you next time.

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