Monday, December 21, 2009

Common beauty and the Great Wall of China

Hi everyone, I'm glad to have more free time, but after the first back to work. Until then I'm going to blog and do other things I put off (like clean my home office, put up crown molding, and sew some spring/summer slipcovers for the family room. I hope I get most of it done).

Anyway I wanted to post about common beauty (I know, let me get my soap box). You ever look at something, a place, an object, or a person and see them in a different light. You say to yourself, "Why didn't I ever notice that before?". Well I did my dishes yesterday morning, I usually do my dishes right away, but I was tired the night before so I just rinsed out my teacups and pots. Then the yesterday morning added in my coffee cups, french press (from Ikea), and all the other things (I will post about that later). So after doing the dishes I looked at the dish rack, I mean really looked at it. With all the different cups and pieces of china and said to myself sometimes the most beautiful things are right next to you...
This inspired me to take some common beauty pics from around the house. Things you never think about as being beautiful, but they are.
This armoire (which I love) has a secret. Being long and narrow, I was conflicted about how to make it work for me. So taking a page from Martha, I decided to have my own "Great Wall of China" and build up.
I added standard shelving, and went to the Container Store for plate stands and here we go my "Great Wall of China". Making the armoire functional as well as it is beautiful. So if it worked on one side why not the other, but instead of china I added all those things that don't have an official home. Here you go.....
All of the silver, napkins, tablecloths, and what nots. This has a common beauty also.
Lastly are the kitchen cabinets (not all of them after all I have to have some secrets). I love to organize. For me this common beauty makes me smile everytime I open these doors. So find your common beauty, look at something in a new way, you may just have a warm moment which makes you smile.
See you all next time.....

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  1. You are so right!!!
    Great post!

    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2010!!!