Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Maine Cottage and the Art Auction

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been on in a while (been busy, you know work, friends, and extra activities). So I'm back and I decided to try something new. I want to showcase a least once a month; a company, store, or designer that inspires me and I hope inspires you also. First up is Maine Cottage (www.mainecottage.com), I love the furniture at Maine Cottage. I has a simple yet well crafted look. The style mixes and matches with a lot of other styles, especially Swedish, beach, and farmhouse styles. I have a few pieces myself and really enjoy them. There is only one problem, the cost of Maine Cottage. I have a solution to that, Ikea. I mix Maine Cottage and Ikea because they compliment each other. An example is my Beach style guest room, headboard Maine Cottage, nightstands and lamps Ikea and they go well together. Here are some pics for more Maine Cottage inspiration.....


Now for the next part of my post.....
I went to an art auction last Thursday, it was a lot of fun. The auction was a charity event. I had a great time meeting different people in the community and the art for auction was wonderful (this is my third time going to this and it keeps getting better). Look at what I got, a great photograph (inside the caddalilly is a small bug, I thought it was the cutest thing). I'm going to hang it as soon as I can figure out where I want to put it. This week I will showcase another room, that all I'm going to say. Enjoy the week.
See everyone next time......


  1. Yes, I just love Maine Cottage furniture, but the prices ARE in the stratosphere for me! However, it is very inspiring to think of creating my own Maine Cottage look alike with a used piece of furniture and some pretty or bold paint, whatever the fancy. I believe that you can buy Maine Cottage paint in spray. I love the way you mixed a Maine Cottage armoire and IKEA bookcases in your family room!

  2. is this company still in business? I placed my order in Nov. of 2010 and it still hasn't arrived.