Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow White and the Mantel Makeover

Hi everyone. I hope the weather is not getting you down, I know we are all ready for spring (at least I am). Lets do more revealing here, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, so when I heard that it was going to snow here I said to myself 2" tops then it will go away in an hour. I was wrong this was reported to be the biggest snowstorm Georgia has had in a decade (at least the news said that). So I went outside to get some pics for the good old blog here.

My statue in the front, he seems to not mind the snow.

This is the day after, it looks more like the northeast than the south.

A little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.....

So with not much to do, and having spring fever. I decided to redo the mantel with hopes that spring will come soon.

This is the before......
Here is the after.

I want to do something a little fun, but still classic. So I chose a bird theme for spring, but everything is still my favorite color (mmmm could it be white...).

The candlesticks I already had (I bought them years ago). The bird is alabaster and I already had him. The nest was picked up outside on the ground. The cage is new (so to speak it is from France and antique), I needed something more and when I saw it I snapped it up (great deal too).
The prints I picked up a few weeks ago, a $1.00 a piece. They are sitting on floral frogs, no need to frame I wanted to keep it casual. The votives I already had.
And my favorite mantel clock......

Well I hope this brings spring real soon, or I at least make me think it is spring...

Everyone have a Happy Valentines Day, get plenty of flowers, eat lots of chocolate, and snuggle with your favorite someone.

See you next time....

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  1. I'm still amazed at all the places that don't normally have snow or places that have some snow that are being dumped on...and here, where it's normal to have snow from December - March and we've had so very little! Mother Nature is really mixing things up this year!!

    Love your new mantle scape. I like it as it was before but it's delightful isn't it when we can change up a few things to create a whole new feel. Here's to spring!