Saturday, February 6, 2010

Refuge Francais

Hi everyone. I hope the week has been good for you. Been a little busy here, but I'm keeping my word with a room pic layout (yay the fun stuff). This is my mother -in-law suite, but I refer to it as my Refuge Francais (French Hideaway). This is where you will see the most French influence. Everything from white painted furniture (My favorite color), toile de Jouy fabrics, and French style furniture. Everyone always ask to stay here, and the big softy I am, I always have this room at the ready.
The ceiling is dormered making the room cozy, it has skylights which are ok, but the mornings are brutal. So I put up white roller blinds so it cuts out the morning light for the late sleepers. Where the curtain is at is the entrance to the walk in closet, which leads right to the suite's bathroom (show that and all the other nooks and crannies around here in another post).
One side, then the other........
Toile window treatments.
A sitting area to watch TV, or read. I made the slipcovers for the junk store find chairs. Here is something I do with toile, instead of trying to bleach it to give it that faded look that I like, I just turn it to the back (easy peasy). White slipcover for the ottoman.
French chair next to white dresser, I love it.....
White bed with a dash of toile, perfect together.......
A little French nook to write a romantic letter to the one you love. The desk is a repro, but it still says France. The sconce is a gift from a best friend, it is really antique, with the original mother of pearl shades.
BTW picture 2 shows my air conditioner, oh well we don't live in the 18th century. Have a good weekend everyone.
See you all next time......

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