Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Time Color

Hi everyone, I hope the week is going good for you. My week here is starting to look up, I just wish the weather would cooperate. Anyway I was just thinking about what to do for my next post. Let's see I still have a few more rooms to show, then I thought something inspirational might be better. So I decided to go around the house snapping pics of spring time colors, after all just because its cold outside doesn't mean we can't think of spring.
I started with light creamy yellow, or buttercream. Always been a fourth favorite of mine. It has all the feel of sunshine, but not as bright. In fact the lighter this color is, the better for me. Check out the flowers here, very spring time...... (it even has some pink there)
This is better than coffee (Ok maybe not, but almost).
Ok moving on to my third favorite, That would be spring green. This color reminds me of green grass. It is just so calming and feels fun.
This piece has a coat of green and never complains about it.
Green maybe the color of jealousy, but I think the other chairs are really green with envy....
My second favorite spring time color is light or sky blue. Of course this is the color of sky and water. This color is all things spring and goes right into summer. This little sky blue table is fun and useful to me with a stack of white towels and washcloths. The little silver starfish is in good company in my bath. This French blue chair is dressed to hit the water. I bet you she is not that blue. (I love the detail on this chair).
Even though these colors are great, my first love is the color white (as if you didn't know that one). Have a good weekend.
See everyone next time.........


  1. I love the chairs! Have a nice weekend!

  2. That is a big bueatiful I cant spell it right now armoire, I think its bueatiful anyway you spell it... Have a great day..

  3. I'm so glad to meet you!! What a small world:) I bet we know some of the same people. When did you graduate from Lenape?
    Well I am a follower for sure. I love all the Swedish style and white rooms. Unfortunately, with 2 big dogs and a husband who likes all the masculine darker colors, the white palette isn't a reality for me. Oh, maybe in my next life. So I will come to your blog to enjoy all it's beauty!!
    Thanks for all your sweet comments about the video news clip. I really means a lot to us, especially coming from a fellow Lenape Indian!!
    Take care and I'll come visit you gain soon!

  4. Gorgeous furnishings....and thank you for the glimpse of spring to come...some of my favourite spring shades in there! :)

  5. I love that shade of green. It is so beautiful. Thanks you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it.