Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day At The Market

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well. As you all know (from my previous post) I do Scott's Antique Market here in Atlanta. It is fun, but a lot of work (sometimes its like having two jobs in one). Its once a month, so no worries about me being too tuckered out.
Here are some before pics, yeah quite a mess. Trust me I looked around for a while trying to make sense of this jumble.

Ta-Duh Here is the after, pretty and ready for business. Don't mind the closed signs (I forgot to take them down before I took this pic). Don't you love the old theater seats, they are Lorene's. She also made the great pillows on them Lights...Camera...Action!!!. What a great idea she had for them.
The rest of the booth, very French Vintage......

Speaking of which here is Lorene on our first day (as you can see by the boxes and general chaos). Lorene is very creative and I think we compliment each other well.
More surprises, my first three pillows. They were a hit (Too bad all I heard was they are so pretty and great designs, nice as it is, a few orders would have been better). I take old lithographs (the copyrights are outdated, because these images are over 100 years old), have them printed on to fabric and then I sew them into pillows. This coming show I'm adding some more to the line up. Don't worry, I'm starting an esty store soon, so they well be available outside of Scott's.
My Tu-Tu stool as promised. A little sweeter than I would have liked, but very pretty. The seat bottom is actually a slipcover with trim, the bottom is a real tu-tu (I'll do a before and after post of the piece so you get a better idea).
This older refined lady is a dress form I found. She is a little worst for wear, but a little chocolate ribbon and she is ready to step out.
This is a coffee table I bought for the house. She is perfect (ok not yet, but she will be), a little white paint and she will turn heads. This will be part of my before and after post coming real soon. BTW I got her for a great price and that is real marble on top (Yummy).
Well that it for now, I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Oh I almost forgot to say I have TRAVEL TRAILER FEVER!!!! thanks to Fairmaiden at Sea Cottage. I want my own beach house on wheels, more on that later (yes I am actively searching, and that is a whole other post).
Have a good weekend everyone.
See you soon.......
PS Thank you everyone for your kind words and prayers on the death of my grandfather. I really needed all of your love.
Thank you

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  1. Your booth looks fabulous! I did Scott's in the late 1990's, It's a great show but as you say it is a lot of work. I will be setting up there in a few months