Saturday, July 24, 2010

Petite Maison - My Etsy Store

Hi everyone, Its been quite a week for me. So I did it, I got an Etsy store. I'm excited about it. If you are interested in visiting my seller name is petitemaison770, I plan on having a lot of fun there too. Here are three of the items I'm selling (Well truth be told they are the only items I'm selling). Three great pillow covers, they are 26 x 26, the down inserts are sold separately, or you can do your own inserts(This keeps the shipping cost down). Yes I made them with my own two hands (I did have the images put on the fabric by the printer). The images are from antique lithographs, so there is no copyright infringement(Don't you hate when you get sued.......). They are made from raw linen for more of a French flea market look. Here they are....

This one is called Louis XVI, very French ooo lala!!!

This one is French Candlestick, very dramatic.....
This one is French Seasons, fun and classic....

All of the backs are done as envelop closures.
Here they are French and fun....
BTW I'm getting more styles in, something about birds and crowns (These will be 16 x 16). So keep checking my Etsy store.
Have a good weekend.
See you all next time......


  1. these are lovely, dearie, just like you!

    I am sure you will do well!
    a very refreshing item ... not just the typical!

    I've missed you

  2. These are just gorgeous, good for you starting an etsy store, that's next on my list. Good to hear from you!! I'm off to catch up with you!

  3. Love your pillows - please keep them coming!

  4. These pillows are really lovely...nice! I am following you. I loved your crown post too.