Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everyone Needs A Crown

Hi everyone, First I would like to thank everyone who commented on my White Wednesday post, it means a lot to me. Well this post is for Gretchen at, she has gorgeous jewelry, and she is a crown lover like me. Thank you for the idea of this post Gretchen. You saw the crown I posted on my coffee table for White Wednesday. I picked this up at Scott's from my friend Amy.
This one I pick up in New Orleans at an antiques mall on Magazine Street. It has that Mardi Gras feel to it.
Another Amy crown, its very small, but just big enough to fit on the head of my bisque statue of mother and child.
This crown was part of a window treatment at Home Depot Expo, so when they closed I bought the display and attached it to my Italian amoire.
This crown I picked up at an antiques mall, it was gold. I didn't like it gold and it had more of a garden feel so i painted it white, distressed it, and glazed it. It sits on top of my cherub.
Well that is the tour of crowns, I hope to get more. I love crowns, and don't we all deserve to feel like royalty from time to time.......
See you all next time.......


  1. I'm wearing my tiara today in honor of you!!!

  2. I love crowns too!!!! That first one is to die for---I want it!! Is it an antique or reproduction?
    Happy day!

  3. Hi dear crowned head.
    this is my first visit to your lovely blog as I found you thru a link over at Kathleen's of Faded Charm.
    Love crowns, too although you'll see none in my apartment. who kows maybe one day I'll receive one as several months back I won a crown giveway which never made it to my home.
    great blog and gorgeous post.

  4. Thanks for the info about the you remember how much it was and where is Scotts?

  5. I love crowns too...I found a delicate crown necklace in silver with tiny rhinestones at TJMaxx. I had to have it~I bet you would have grabbed it too!