Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Wednesday Relaxing

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good week. This post is for White Wednesday at, check out the great birdhouse, too cute. This White Wednesday I just wanted a peaceful post. So I want to show you where I sit when I do sit outside (Too Hot right now for that). I usually like to sit and read, watching the dog play in the back. As you can see my love of all things white even extends out here. That is a little decking I bought at Ikea a couple of years ago, and yes the bench is from Ikea too. A couple of pillows and it is very comfortable. A little wrought iron table I painted white (of course), and another Ikea find, the tray (it was already white). My miniature rose bush (white blooms of course), planted in a concrete planter (no I didn't paint it white, I did think about it though). Beyond the lattice is the trash cans (I like not seeing trash cans).

A little cold tea today, as it is over 100 degrees, but it still can be drank in a lovely cup. Reading and drinking tea, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

White rose buds waiting to be welcomed to the world.
More white flowers in the yard. No I don't know what kind of bush this is, but it is still pretty. (I don't know because it was here when I moved in, it was pretty so I kept it).
Well I hope you had a White Wednesday Relaxing time. Have a good White Wednesday and visit Faded Charm for more White Wednesday treats.
See everyone next time.......


  1. Looks like a restful place to pass the time and enjoy a beautiful summer's day!


  2. This makes me want to get a tea set.

  3. What a wonderful cool looking place to relax. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks quite inviting! I too am a fan of simple elegant white flowers need for lots of color..white is just perfect!

  5. lovely-like to be able to come and relax!

  6. That looks like a lovely serene little area to relax:) I don't think I've seen your blog before, it's so pretty! I will add myself as a follower:)