Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silver Teapots And White Roses

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good weekend. From my previous post you all know I have a BCOW (Beach Cottage On Wheels). I haven't done anything to it yet except buy pretty things for it. I want to show the pretty and whimsical teapot I bought for the BCOW. This is the service I'm using for my morning tea and coffee. I know very fun and maybe not so practical, but I love the fact it not what anyone is going to expect. Silver teapot, ironstone sugar and cremer, and white little bistro cups. What says camping more than that? (LOL) Oh and the white tray just tops it off. I really wanted the BCOW to have a French beach cottage feel, so I have been moving towards the French, but still have the beach part in mind. Like white slipcovers (Yummm), and a white beadboard headboard with a French surprise (wait and see its going to be great).

The teapot by itself...... It definitely has a fairy tale quality, shaped like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. The teapot is from Sheffield, and was a great deal.
A close up of the lid, Looks like a pumpkin stem.....
The feet are fun also. That would be like me camping and bring a tea service, but it will be fun. (LOL)

Ok here is the white roses part. My white miniature roses are blooming. They do that once a month and I can't ever wait. I usually take one in and put it on the kitchen window. It makes doing the dishes a little fun (Let face it dishes are never fun).

Well everyone have a good weekend.......
See you all next time.......

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  1. very special pot...anything footed makes my heart stop