Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Vegas to Sweden

Hi everyone, Well its that time again Make it for Monday. I love Mondays now because of this.
How do you go from Vegas to Sweden, its all in the paint, baby. I started off with this rather Vegas like chair, black with gold accents. I'm sure it was pretty at one point (Maybe 1984????). I do however see the potential in it, the Rococo line. So I decided to go for it.
I had this.......
Yummy gold details (yuck!!!!)
I wanted this, a beautiful Swedish Rococo chair......

I got this, very close without the price tag of a real antique. I primed, painted (Its a misty Swedish green I had color matched), distressed and glazed. The seat bottom is a fabric from JoAnn Fabrics that had a Swedish feel. I love it and I have one more to go, then I can have my front porch sitting area Swedish style. After all this is The Swedish Room.
No more gold detail Yaaaaa!!!
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See everyone next time........


  1. Your chair looks wonderful! Great job.

  2. SOOOO much better! Why was black and gold ever popular???? Ah well, it's fodder for our creativity :)

    So glad you could Mi4M!