Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Store Time At Petite Maison 770

Hi everyone, Well its that time again Etsy store time at my shop Petite Maison 770. I was up last night and decided to take pics and upload them to my shop (I've been waiting to do this for a couple of week, but its the same thing as you keep hitting the snooze button, good intentions). Anyway here are the good things at the shop.
One ram's head Wedgewood bowl...
One very cute pink vintage dresser set, oh did I mention very cute.....

Yellow glass sugar and creamer, Yum!!!

A 1941 oil can, come on wouldn't some roses look great in here (I know some of you love rusty crusty).

A pair of porcelain cherubs, I really had a hard time parting with these.

An Italian candleholder, even though its Italian, I still feel it could be French, or maybe even Shabby Chic....

Last but not least is a gold vintage female figure. I think she was spray painted, I can't tell exactly. She is metal and has a great French attitude.
Go check them out at and my French style pillows (more pillow styles to come soon, I know as soon as I take the pics).
See everyone next time.......


  1. oooh, great stuff! Love the "French attitude"!
    A day photographing and listing can get long, huh? Looks wonderful!

  2. Ugh I know the feeling...most of my free time is now spent staging, photographing, and listing, staging, photographing, well you get the picture.

    Hey what's your first name so I can give your booth credit in my blog post? I just know you by Mrs. Swedish