Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Little Swedish Jewel Box

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Yayyyy!!!! its Make It For Monday. I've been waiting for this Make It For Monday all week. Well I told you last Monday in my post that I was working on doing a Swedish garden room. Well I did do it, but because of space it couldn't be the garden room I wanted. Then I realised my budget was limited also, so no big budget makeover here (I ended up shopping the house for a lot of things). One thing I can say I love the results.
This is what I started with an enclosed room off my kitchen, never really used for anything....
Here it is.......
My little Swedish jewel box (I had to change the name, this name seemed to fit better). There is one of my redone chairs (no money, they have been waiting for me to do something with them), lamp (It has been in the attic for a while now, the shade was $20.00 at Target), the column (came in from outside), the urn (hanging around here too), the mirror (I got that baby from my booth, can you steal from yourself!!!), the nightstand (I got that from Maine Cottage a while ago and never had a place for it), and the votives (came from Pier1, $1.50).
The footstool is actually the Tu-Tu vanity stool without her white wedding attire. I made a new top slip for her. The rug is one I had around, I never could part with it.
A close up of the new slip (yes its not white, its toile. I always turn it inside out for a more faded Shabby Chic look).
Oh I almost forgot....The roses cost a grand total of $8.00.
I love this mirror, it has such a sense of history.....
The other chair, with a rolled up Ikea throw (yes I already owned the throw). There you have it, a room done on almost no money. oh I'm forgetting something I got a new ceiling fan (from Lowe's for $15.00, sorry I didn't picture it, but its a ceiling fan for $15.00). I did the room for about $46.00, just by shopping my house and doing a few redoes. It was fun and didn't break the budget (BTW if I didn't mention paint or fabric I already had it). Have a great Make It For Monday and for more incredible makeovers go see Cindy at
See everyone next time.......

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Etsy Store Time At Petite Maison 770

Hi everyone, Well its that time again Etsy store time at my shop Petite Maison 770. I was up last night and decided to take pics and upload them to my shop (I've been waiting to do this for a couple of week, but its the same thing as you keep hitting the snooze button, good intentions). Anyway here are the good things at the shop.
One ram's head Wedgewood bowl...
One very cute pink vintage dresser set, oh did I mention very cute.....

Yellow glass sugar and creamer, Yum!!!

A 1941 oil can, come on wouldn't some roses look great in here (I know some of you love rusty crusty).

A pair of porcelain cherubs, I really had a hard time parting with these.

An Italian candleholder, even though its Italian, I still feel it could be French, or maybe even Shabby Chic....

Last but not least is a gold vintage female figure. I think she was spray painted, I can't tell exactly. She is metal and has a great French attitude.
Go check them out at and my French style pillows (more pillow styles to come soon, I know as soon as I take the pics).
See everyone next time.......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rustic White Bench

Hi everyone, its that time again, White Wednesday. I have been drawn lately to rusty painted objects (I guess I want to have a sense of history). This bench was one I tried to sell at Scott's, secretly I was glad it didn't. I love this bench, I love the arms, and the curvy details. This will be a lot more comfortable to sit on than the last bench. This is real rusty crusty.....
Opps... she has a little boo boo, just makes her more lovable.
I will definitely love tea here.
Lots of attitude, but a good ole' girl......
For more Wondrous White pieces go see Kathleen at Now I'm off to finish my Swedish Garden Room. I know, pics are coming.
See everyone next time.......

Sunday, August 22, 2010

From Vegas to Sweden

Hi everyone, Well its that time again Make it for Monday. I love Mondays now because of this.
How do you go from Vegas to Sweden, its all in the paint, baby. I started off with this rather Vegas like chair, black with gold accents. I'm sure it was pretty at one point (Maybe 1984????). I do however see the potential in it, the Rococo line. So I decided to go for it.
I had this.......
Yummy gold details (yuck!!!!)
I wanted this, a beautiful Swedish Rococo chair......

I got this, very close without the price tag of a real antique. I primed, painted (Its a misty Swedish green I had color matched), distressed and glazed. The seat bottom is a fabric from JoAnn Fabrics that had a Swedish feel. I love it and I have one more to go, then I can have my front porch sitting area Swedish style. After all this is The Swedish Room.
No more gold detail Yaaaaa!!!
For more Marvelous Make It For Monday Makeovers go see Cindy at
See everyone next time........

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grandma's Pearls

Hi everyone, Its that time again White Wednesday, I love them. This White Wednesday I wanted to do something different and not show a piece of furniture or anything else like that. I wanted to show you the pearls I bought for my grandmother from the show this past weekend. My grandmother always wanted a set of pearls for as long as I can remember. My grandfather didn't make that much money working as a foreman, and running our small part time farm. Plus us kids and grandkids always needing something. So she put her desires to have a pearl necklace on hold. She never complained and never resented it. We still cooked and cleaned together. We did art projects and sewed, she never once let on. She remained happy, and I one day asked if there was anything she wanted, and she said I have everything I want and need, if God thinks I need more he will give it to me. She never let on about a special pearl necklace just for herself. My grandfather just recently passed, I decided to continue on and finish what he would have wanted to do himself. I hope she loves them.....
Every grandmother needs a set of pearls. This is their medal, not for some great battle, but because of all the little battles in life.
For more beautiful white pieces go see Kathleen at Have a Wonderful White Wednesday.
See everyone next time......

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Crowning Glory

Hi everyone, Well the Scott's show is over. I always get a mix of feeling about it being over. In one respect I like doing the show, and talking and having fun with other dealers. On the other hand its a lot of work. I'm relaxing today and cleaning my house, nothing else to do today being its kind of misty and rainy. I feel kind of melancholy, so I might as well keep busy. I want to show you my best purchase at the show, my newest crown. As you all know I love crowns (I try to keep the number down, after all I think the Queen of England would have a hard time keeping up with me if I got everyone I loved). This is the same type that Shabby Chic used to have (I love Shabby Chic the store, but I'm not paying $200.00 for a crown. I'm an addict, not insane). Every time I would go in there I wanted one, but could not justify that much money for a tcokche (I hope I spelled it right). So I said to myself I'll get it one day. When I started doing Scott's I noticed in Amy's booth she had the same crown for a lot less. It took me a while to do it, but I finally just went for it, I'm glad I did. It looks perfect on the coffee table in the silver bowl with the shells (where the smaller crown was).
Great old rusty details and the stones look old also. Why look for one in Europe when you can find great reproductions on the market for a lot less (Anyway how many real and old crowns are floating around).
If you are interested in your own crown, contact Amy at and tell her you are interested in a crown, as they are not on the website. Tell her you saw it on The Swedish Room (sorry it won't get you a discount, she just wants to see how many of you respond).
Oh and the other crown, it found a good home. BTW she sells this one too.
See everyone next time........

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From Bed To Bench For White Wednesday

Hi everyone, Here it is another White Wednesday. Well its Scotts time again, I hope to get some blogging in the rest of the week, we'll see. I did want to do White Wednesday for sure. Welcome to my Swedish style bench in my conservatory (I could say sun porch, but I love the romance of the word). I know pics are coming, right now I have a French settee in there, that's not suppose to be there. Garage time for that little beauty (I know before and afters of that also, I got a really great deal on it). Back to the bench, it has a surprise.... It was really a headboard and footboard in the trash. It was a couple of years ago, I was picking up a friend for lunch and spied it. I couldn't get it right then, so though lunch that was all I could think about. After lunch I bee lined right to it, just in time to snatch it from the trash man. He even helped me get it in my car (talk about a close call). I had seen in a magazine how to turn headboards and footboards into benches, so now was my chance.
I added details because all the details were taken off of it. I don't like doing that, but it did need something. Chopped the footboard in half, perfect arms. Added a skirt and a deck, some white paint and wa la done (Ok it wasn't that easy, but wouldn't you like to think that).
Some fluffy pillows, for napping..... (I've done that a few times on here).
There you have it from bed to bench.....
For more wonderful white eye candy go visit Kathleen at
See everyone next time......

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Silver Teapots And White Roses

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good weekend. From my previous post you all know I have a BCOW (Beach Cottage On Wheels). I haven't done anything to it yet except buy pretty things for it. I want to show the pretty and whimsical teapot I bought for the BCOW. This is the service I'm using for my morning tea and coffee. I know very fun and maybe not so practical, but I love the fact it not what anyone is going to expect. Silver teapot, ironstone sugar and cremer, and white little bistro cups. What says camping more than that? (LOL) Oh and the white tray just tops it off. I really wanted the BCOW to have a French beach cottage feel, so I have been moving towards the French, but still have the beach part in mind. Like white slipcovers (Yummm), and a white beadboard headboard with a French surprise (wait and see its going to be great).

The teapot by itself...... It definitely has a fairy tale quality, shaped like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. The teapot is from Sheffield, and was a great deal.
A close up of the lid, Looks like a pumpkin stem.....
The feet are fun also. That would be like me camping and bring a tea service, but it will be fun. (LOL)

Ok here is the white roses part. My white miniature roses are blooming. They do that once a month and I can't ever wait. I usually take one in and put it on the kitchen window. It makes doing the dishes a little fun (Let face it dishes are never fun).

Well everyone have a good weekend.......
See you all next time.......

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Wednesday Relaxing

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good week. This post is for White Wednesday at, check out the great birdhouse, too cute. This White Wednesday I just wanted a peaceful post. So I want to show you where I sit when I do sit outside (Too Hot right now for that). I usually like to sit and read, watching the dog play in the back. As you can see my love of all things white even extends out here. That is a little decking I bought at Ikea a couple of years ago, and yes the bench is from Ikea too. A couple of pillows and it is very comfortable. A little wrought iron table I painted white (of course), and another Ikea find, the tray (it was already white). My miniature rose bush (white blooms of course), planted in a concrete planter (no I didn't paint it white, I did think about it though). Beyond the lattice is the trash cans (I like not seeing trash cans).

A little cold tea today, as it is over 100 degrees, but it still can be drank in a lovely cup. Reading and drinking tea, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

White rose buds waiting to be welcomed to the world.
More white flowers in the yard. No I don't know what kind of bush this is, but it is still pretty. (I don't know because it was here when I moved in, it was pretty so I kept it).
Well I hope you had a White Wednesday Relaxing time. Have a good White Wednesday and visit Faded Charm for more White Wednesday treats.
See everyone next time.......